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Corporate Seller Review - Target

While I'm still waiting for an overseas order to arrive (and unable to order from Bricklink until they revert their last "fix" fixed), I thought it might be interesting to review some of the more corporate places I order from.

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Call me a sellout if you wish. :-O

Target has been one of my top three choices for orders from faceless corporations, and probably even in my top two. Maybe even my top. The others are LEGO S@H and Toys'R'Us. Toys'R'Us is more of an accident. I don't order more from S@H probably because of their limits. Of course other retailers have limits too but the S@H limits just send me to More likely could be my top choice because they place more items on sale than S@H does. S@H seems much more cautious with their sales. The only drawback to Target is that they don't include promo items to get you to buy. Not that I've ever seen at least.

I like ordering online. I don't need to physically inspect the LEGO items, I already know what I'm getting. It's not like a blender or an ink pen. I can use any of the online databases for more information on the parts included (which is really why I'm buying). I don't have to get out of my chair, go to the store, deal with other shoppers and over zealous associates (How are you today sir!!!) or drive to the other 30 Targets in my metro area looking for more items. Purchases are brought to my doorstep within a week or less. In a stroke of marketing genius, someone decided to make your packing slip downright cheerful. "hello! Let's do this again sometime." (sic). It's not pushy, but friendly. My orders have always been correct, complete and unmolested.

The only drawback might be in the shipping, the less than instant gratification. Amazon is largely responsible for the biggest experiment in social engineering ever, the Death of Patience. Of course I have options. But paying for express shipping only cuts into my profits way more than several days' wait ever will. So I'm happy to stay in my house. (Not my mum's basement, let's get that one straight right away).

Target probably ranks as my number one choice because they offer their RedCard. A corporate credit card in and of itself is nothing special, almost something to avoid. The marketers at Target realize this and they have upped the ante. Not only do you get a reasonable finance charge (0% if you pay it off every month), but the bonuses of being a RedCard holder are much more. The biggest perk is that the RedCard gives you 5% off every purchase, online and in store. Plus there's free shipping on every purchase, an extended return policy, and they'll donate up to 1% of your purchase to the school of your choice. It's for the kids! In return, you just give them your sales information so they can profile you up the wazoo. I don't think it works because I don't get LEGO coupons from them to encourage me to come shop more.

The only real complaint I have about the RedCard is the online interface. Logging in is decidedly more difficult than other sites. It's only one of two sites that Firefox cannot auto-fill my credentials for (and I think the other one fixed that). They also don't allow you to reuse one of your last 17 or so passwords. At least the symbol is not required.

For US dwellers, I'd recommend Target. For Canadians, sorry man, that experiment failed.

If you have complaints about Target, please redirect them to some sort of consumer protection agency where more people will see them. If you have complaints about me or my blog, well, post them here I guess.

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