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Set Review - Microfighters Republic Gunship 75076

IIRC, one of my favorite scenes in the second trilogy (was it EpII?) was when Amidala, Anakin, and Jar-Jar were set in the deathdrome with 3 very large and scary creatures. It was hoped that the prisoners would be made mincemeat in very short order. Instead, they bested the three creatures only to be faced with death by bunga-bunga. At the last second, tons of LAAT ships dropped down and there was an epic lightsaber battle. Then they all went out for ice cream.

I've mentioned before how the OT is what I grew up with and Eps I-III were interesting but less memorable. This ship made it past that barrier and is one of the more memorable ones, up there with X-wings and Death Stars. Maybe it's the unique shape and red and lime livery. Or the dual front cockpits. Or the festive banners (Eat At Dex's) that they often flew.

This craft has 105+10 pieces making it a great deal for pieces, if you like brackets (which make up almost 9% of the part count). It also comes with a new hat Clone Trooper. This one's got orange. I like orange. And orange juice.

Notable features include the dual front pod guns, the immense thrusters, and open side bay doors. There's even gunner's pods in all the right places including the side of the ship and the tips of the wings. The only drawback is that there is a single pilot's windshield. I really wanted the dual cockpit. Despite that I find the overall detailing very good and the ship is immediately swooshable. The one big shocker was the lack of a random clip hanging out there. Now I'm confused. But like, whatevars, right?

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