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Reverse Engineering Challenge is OVER!

After 11 weeks, the contest is over! From a pool of 155 starters, 13 of us came out on top. As the moderator wasn't too keen on continuing to throw challenges at us, he declared it a 13 way tie. Rather than the customary first, second, and third place prizes, he made a few suggestions. A very clear majority choice was for all 13 of us to receive a special engraved brick for our convention badges as well as a small handful of special pieces. The grand prize, Birds would have been a nice set to win but it was decided to give it to the moderator as thanks for organizing, and also to offset the cost of engraving and shipping.
Now that my building life is a little more sane (and in order to not risk giving any solutions away to other participants) I'll be featuring some of the more interesting techniques that were used. Next week headlight bricks! You thought you knew them, but do you really?

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