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Set Review - Porsche 918 Spyder 75910

Of all the supercars I grew up salivating over, the Porsches have always been the most unique to me. As someone who enjoys lists and organization, I had a high appreciation for the numbering system used to name the cars (except the 356, what happened there?). In our final review of the original Speed Champions line we take a look at this rather unique supercar.

 Total mindblow, in looking up a chart to reference all of the Porsche models I discovered the 597. Less of a mindblow was the 550 and 904 that I hadn't known about up until now. However the 911 seems to have the most variation as well as what I would call spinoff models. Not just Targas, Carreras and Targa Carreras but the 912, 930, 964, and all the 990 series. The 918 is not a direct derivative of the 911 but it looks like a concept racing version of the same car. At least, in the LEGO model, the 918 was a bit difficult to perfect and the 911 look is where the model landed. Regardless of the intent, I'm satisfied.

So of course I was thrilled that I ended up building the Porsche. Much of the SNOT work was familiar but the amount of it and the result was fabulous. I've built official LEGO models before that have ended up with little gaps behind brackets and other areas where the half plate gap looks gaudy. In this case those gaps are either filled or intentional. Stellar!

As far as the undersides of the cars go, this one is probably the best looking. The other models have used red, yellow and green parts that did not match the cars' liveries well. In the Porsche most of the "hidden" pieces are blue. There is red visible from the underside but most of it is used to build the interior.

The Porsche is also the only model that uses a different windscreen. It's the same one used in the larger Porsche 911 Finish Line set but no where else (so far). It's a neat element with more of a 3d feel than the classic City windshields. It also has a nice more realistic pitch to it than about 65°. However the integral side windows are going to limit the use a little bit, especially if you want functional doors.

While the scope of this blog is to generally focus on the smaller polybags and under $10 sets, this was a fun diversion. I don't expect to be doing any of the other Speed Champions sets unless we get some new models in the next run of the series. But I would say that these are amazing builds if you want a nice City sized compatible car with plenty of detail.

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