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Exploring Clones - BestLock

Well it's been over a year since I last did one of these spots. I guess the trauma really did me in. But as I mentioned in a previous LEGO Find I tentatively picked up some Best Lock. The bag was seemingly random (what with half a man and one wheelbase) but I went onto the website to figure out what the set could be. I narrowed it down to one of the myriad of fireman sets (as opposed to one of the myriad of police sets) and tried to assemble something.

I must have missed some parts because nothing came together. And I think a few might be Kreo. Nothing really stayed together either. If I could use some overlap then it was possible to get parts to stay on. But try sticking a 1x long on by one stud and you're sunk.

Many of the parts will be familiar. Some may even look like they are trying to resemble a familiar part. Here are some high/lowlights:
  • 1x1 brick and plate each have a recessed stud. Kind of handy actually.
  • Inverted slopes are mostly open on the bottom. Could be handy but doesn't leave a nice finished edge.
  • 1x3x1 curved slope has a full height lip. (Or is it another Kreo?)
  • Something like a 2x2 tile with center stud doesn't really hook well to anything I found to be functional.
  • 1x2x2/3 brick has side studs in the center. Nice for what, quarter plate offsets?
  • 1x5 plate.
  • Piece design is from the 1980's, maybe early 90's. Nothing much highly specialized. Good way to avoid trademark or copyright or whatever infringement.
Most disappointing is the mushy feel when pieces are snapped together. Sure, it sticks but it feels more like it's oatmeal than a precise compression-tension fit. It's definitely a softer plastic. You can feel it. That's possibly also evident in the colors. It's not quite as bright and shiny as LEGO colors are. But I'll give this observation a pass since these pieces are used. No idea to what degree though.

I once read that Best-Lock was started as a spite company. If that's still their goal, to churn out cheap knockoffs of LEGO brand, they're doing a good job. But I'd honestly rather play with Nanoblock. Sure it suffers from the same soft plastic and weak connections, but at least it's unique and not just a wannabe.

Don't forget, I've got a contest going on! I'm hoping for at least a dozen entries so make yours one of them!

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