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Set Review - 75097 Star Wars Advent Part 1

Ho ho ho and welcome to this year's scrutiny extravaganza of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar! *yeah*. I've tried to break the relevant micro ships into several categories but the pickings this year are a little slim. This week will focus on new micro-ship designs, next week will focus on repeats upgrades and the final week I'll look at the little droids. Without further ado let the squeefest begin!

Day 1 is a joyous surprise this year. Jabba's Sail Barge! What a great idea for a new micro-ship! We've not had this one before. This thing is so tiny that to represent Jabba with a 1x1 round plate would be insulting to his girth. Then again scale is based off of an apparent 5x5 stud limit, not the size of the ship itself. Nonetheless it is instantly recognizable. The orange baby bows appear mostly in Rescue, Chima, Creator and Mixels sets. Had I known that I already owned a few I may have sold my uncracked Advent calendar for a post sold out premium and built these from my own scraps. Oh well. Best part of the Sail Barge? It 'hovers' with a clear dish.

Day 5 is another festive wonderment. A micro Sandcrawler! With function! The re-release of this set was a welcome addition to many AFOLs' collections. Having a micro is fun for me. But there was also a mini version in Star Wars Celebration Exclusive set this year. The detailing is better on the mini but the coloring is much more pleasing on this micro. The mini is all brown. The micro has four earth shade tones worked in for a distressed effect. The shaping isn't quite right though. The droop along the back is too dramatic. At this scale it would be better flat. And did I mention functional? You can rotate the treads.

Dipping into spoiler territory is day 18. We've had an AT-AT back in 2012 but it looked more like a GNK droid. I mean, you could tell what they were trying to do, it just didn't work well. The head turned side to side on the most pre-1990 looking body ever. This year some brilliant designer took a mallet to the previous mold and gave us a much more respectable "Camel Walker". Not only does the head still turn but the legs move as well, even if a little stiffly. The new 1x2 plate with handles on both ends (18649) was put to good use. The change is enough to classify it as finally getting this vehicle in an Advent calendar.

AT-AT, crossing guard
Next week, are the repeats worth repeating? Probably not.