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Set Review - 75097 Star Wars Advent Part 2

Funniest quote I've seen so far this season: "Jango bells, Jango bells, Jango all the way". Sadly, there is no Jango this year. Nor is there much of anything new. The LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar seems to have timewarped back to the OT with comfortable characters and settings. But is it... too comfortable?

Last week we looked at 3 all new vehicles for the mini fodder. This week we'll look at three more that have been seen before and decide if they were worth re-(re?)doing or if there's something wrong with the vehicle list that TLG seems to work from.

Day 11 brings us the re-Star Destroyer. This was already done in 2012 but the baby bows give this one a new hat. At this scale you have to pick some features and ignore others. Do we pick the bridge so elegantly done with a clip tile or do we pick the sloping back. Wait, the what? This must be a First Order thing. Both ships have identical bodies, identical rears, and slightly different bridge designs. The newer one tries to capture a little bit of that side cantilever. Overall though they are fraternal twins (new one on the left). Uber Fail.

Day 14 brings us the most disappointing "re"design, the Millennium Falcon. This one is i-freaking-dentical to the 2012 Advent calendar. Only minor aesthetic changes here. Some color changes and a swap from the 3x1 25° slope to the cheese grater slope. The passage port on the left is a nice touch. But otherwise same camera brick core, some 4x4 dish on top, same trans dark blue exhaust. Mild Fail.

Day 16 is a spoiler alert. The A-wing from 2011 is a sad sad little craft. Looking like no more than an Alumaweld, this one was in need of an update. Thankfully it's been well done with a mostly SNOT sides. It's a much tighter design with better attention paid to shaping and livery. This is definitely one to chalk up as a success.

So they fall between an uber fail, mild fail, and a success, I think we hover somewhere around a half success. Maybe a suck? Hopefully next week we can gain that sess back.

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