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Bricklink Seller Review - C & N BUILDERS SUPPLY

Do you know your TLAs? Even harder and less sexy are 2LAs. Seems I've run into a small string of them. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to figure out which ones aren't used? I bet you'd have some great ones out there that could be real money makers. But they should be relevant both in long hand and short hand. My mother tries to make TLAs out of everything. "You're the WGD!" she'll say. "What?" "A BLB!" Is that a sandwich? "TD" "OK mom, stop!"

Feedback (at time of writing): 553
Feedback Ratio: 99.6% positive
Location: United States, Michigan
Prices: About average

My Order
Order Size: 359 items, 53 lots
Condition: 74% New
Shipping Charge: Stated as actual
Other: $1 fee for orders under $25, $2 for orders under $10. Also, lot limits.
Final Cost per Part: $0.08

Order Date: Dec 17
Invoice Date: Dec 17
Payment Date: Dec 17
Shipping Date: Dec 21
Delivery Date: Dec 24

Order Details
Why this store: I don't even remember anymore. Some part seeded a buying spree.
Packaging: Random bagging of parts and lots. All secured in a large ziploc, wrapped in bubble wrap then placed in a Tyvek mailer.
Part condition: Very Good
Communication: Prompt and respectful
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: Made their own bubble mailer. Typical?
Issues: none

Lot limits are in place of $1 per lot or risk unilateral cancellation. I had a bunch of stuff in my cart when I saw this and so mentioned to the seller that I would like to purchase a large lot order but wasn't hitting the $1/lot limit. I emptied out lots when it was feasible but still couldn't attain their standard. Theey weren't too worried about it and mostly just wanted to avoid large orders with one item from as many lots. Communication is key! My order was processed without a hitch. On top of that, shipping was free due to a promo that was being run. Otherwise they appear to charge actual ELECTRONIC rate. Amazing.

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