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Bricklink Seller Review - Heart Bricker

As a child of the 80's there are certain phrases that trigger certain memories. Of course my fellow 30-40 year old AFOL's may also be thinking of Dream Makers and Love Takers right now. Hit me with your best shot, what's your store's name inspired from? Business can be a battlefield but come fire or ice we're all looking for a stranger to treat us right. At least we can be a temporary hero to someone who has anxiety over their next order. (I worked in seven the hard way, can you find the bonus?)

Seller: Heart Bricker
Feedback (at time of writing): 7245
Feedback Ratio: 99.9% positive (1 neutral ever)
Location: United States, New Jersey
Prices: About average

My Order
Order Size: 586 items, 145 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: Stated as exact. Charges counter rate and then prints cheaper online label. A nice built in ~90c handling fee!
Other: $1 for orders under $10, $2 for orders under $5. Extra $2 for overseas orders.
Final Cost per Part: $0.05

Order Date: Dec 8
Invoice Date: Dec 8
Payment Date: Dec 8
Shipping Date: Dec 9
Delivery Date: Dec 12

Order Details
Why this store: Good assortment of several needed parts at decent prices. Decent shipping.
Packaging: Small lots packed together, larger lots packed by themselves. All in a larger Tyvek bag and Tyvek mailer
Part condition: Very Good
Communication: Prompt and respectful
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none (but uses gloves and washes hands frequently when packing orders...)
Issues: Charged 13oz rate for a 12oz package

Parts and prices are very good. Selection is phenomenol at over 1 million parts. I actually had to put some stuff back before checking out since I didn't have the money. And it wasn't frivolous stuff either! That's the minor inconvenience of running a debt free hobby on my end. When I asked the seller about the discrepancy in the postage rates they were quick and friendly in their response. They explained that payment via mobile does not always allow them to take advantage of the electronic rate. They were happy to refund the $1.10 difference between the invoiced and actual shipping. I unveiled to them to get the electronic rate on every order and they were all fired up. It's a starfish thing.

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