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Bricklink Seller Review - PJ'S BRICK EMPORIUM

One nice thing about being known as the AFOL geek amongst your friends is the advice (solicited and un) that you can offer. I had a friend who wanted a retired set. He only knew to check Ebay and Amazon but wasn't willing to spend the $30+ there. Using my LEGO Ninja skills I checked around the LEGOwebs and found a nice complete used set for a nice price. Extra finder's fees were offered but of course I refused. How could you charge your friends for stuff like this?

Feedback (at time of writing): 1150
Feedback Ratio: 99.9% positive (1 neutral ever)
Location: United States, Connecticut
Prices: About average

My Order
Order Size: 25 items, 7 lots
Condition: 84% Used
Shipping Charge: Stated as actual plus 75c packaging fee. I was charged a flat priority rate with no excess.
Other: $1 minimum order
Final Cost per Part: $0.05

Order Date: Dec 17
Invoice Date: Dec 17
Payment Date: Dec 17
Shipping Date: Dec 18
Delivery Date: Dec 21

Order Details
Why this store: Used set in complete condition.
Packaging: Set well packed with pieces separated into brnad new baggies by color.
Part condition: Very Good
Communication: Prompt and respectful
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: none

Store terms are brief and straightforward. Seller was very polite and helpful when I inquired. No surprises. After getting a quote by physically bringing items to the post office, I was told I would only be charged a certain amount and seller would cover extra. Nice touch. :-) Everything arrived beautifully and in good time. While part selection was low on what I would usually order, I would not hesitate to shop here again!

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