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Bricklink Seller Review - A Lot of Bricks

I've talked about store names that have to do with the inventory itself. Or with quantifying their inventory. Some of these are very clever while others are straightforward. But how obscure could you get? Maybe call your store Sundry? Plethora? Overkill? As long as it's true. But those sound way better than Marginal, Limited and Sparse. I suppose in marketing that there are some things that matter. Would you rather buy from "Crapload of Bricks" or "Highly Curated Supply"? Hmm...

Seller: A Lot of Bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 30084 (One of only EIGHT members with a dark tan feedback brick!)
Feedback Ratio: 99.95% positive
Location: USA, Oregon
Prices: About average

My Order
Order Size: 354 items, 39 lots
Condition: 70% Used
Shipping Charge: Listed in table, approximately electronic postage plus $1. International fees seem to be off.
Other: $6 order minimum
Final Cost per Part: $0.12

Order Date: Jan 12
Invoice Date: Jan 13
Payment Date: Jan 13
Shipping Date: Jan 13
Delivery Date: Jan 15

Order Details
Why this store: Good selection of various deco tiles. Also some other parts in long sought after quantities.
Packaging: Lots mixed into baggies with a little separation. Bubble mailer.
Part condition: Very Good
Communication: Polite
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: User name has 'pdx' but they're not in Portland. Bugger, oh well.

With a huge selection, decent prices and lots of experience this is definitely a keystone seller on Bricklink. I prefer stores that have unique little parts stashed away in corners looking to be found. There's not a ton of that here but there are plenty of used and older parts in the mix. Thought the transaction was fairly unmemorable it's worth another visit.

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