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LEGO Techniques - 20482 Round Tile with Pin

Seen this yet? Imagine a 1x1 round tile. Then put a tiny 0.4L (3.2mm) bar on top. Finally, drill a 1.6mm hole through the bar. The result? Possibilities! This little part contains at least 4 ways to connect pieces together, let's see how many uses it has.

Minor setback (or bonus) is that it only comes in two colors right now. One is Pearl Gold. Always nice to have useful parts in that tone. The second is trans-clear. While that's nice for hiding the trick to the connection, it does make it a little hard to photograph. Sadly, I have no Pearl Gold. But with 18 sets and counting already it's sure to be easily available en masse. I hear that many LUGs have added it to their LUGBulk orders this year. Why would that be? Note that a few of these uses have already been revealed in official LEGO sets.

#1 Stud reversal. With hollow studs that are blocked, there's about 1.6mm of depth to bury the pin in. You get studs facing one another with 6.4mm (two plates) distance between them. With completely open studs you're more likely to have 4.8mm (1.5 plates) of distance.

#2 SNOT. Put the bar into a clip and then a stud into the bottom of the tile. Kind of like using a clip light but it reverses the stud direction.

#3 Technic compatibility. Anything with an axle hole won't fit over a stud. Okay, partial retract; many of the 2x2 round plates and etc. can. But a piece like the Bionicle tooth won't work. Since we already know that bars fit in axle holes, this piece can bridge the gap with a perfect one plate of thickness.

#4 Friend's heads. Annoyed that the body parts aren't compatible with minifigs? No worries! This piece converts a 4.8mm stud to a 3.2mm pin connection! See, problem solved.

#5 Modulex compatible. Never mind, I had hoped the pin would fit into the bottom of a Modulex brick but no luck.

#5 Stud to Mini-pin converter. Since there's a small 1.6mm hole in the bar, it will accept all sorts of headgear accessories.

#6 Hollow Stud to Mini-pin converter (bonus)! The hole goes through so you can attach headgear in the bottom as well!

#7 Wheels. Small wheel holders are essentially split pins with a tiny lip. Wheels will slip over a bar but not stay very well. On train wheels the hole goes clear through and there's enough room to slip a headgear accessory in the tip. The wheel even spins!

That's a good start, what other connections have you discovered?

If you're looking for a set to buy as a parts pack, there are two $10 Friends sets that might be worthwhile. Emma's Tourist Kiosk 41098 comes with 4 plus an extra in Trans Clear. Emma's Creative Workshop 41115 comes with 4 plus an extra in Pearl Gold. That Emma is a lucky girl!

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