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Bricklink Seller Review - Playstones - Always Cheap

I like the colloquial translation of 'bricks' into other languages. In Spanish it's 'ladrillos' which means small bricks, the kind you'd build a chimney with. German comes back as 'stones' with the Dutch 'steen' sounding similar. Serbs and such call them 'cubes'. Indonesia's 'bata/batu' encompasses the same brick/stone/rock idea. Turkish 'tuğla' is a brick or tile. Funny to the English ear? In Danish they're 'klods'.

Incidentally that little anecdote about the Greek word lego (λέγω) meaning 'I built it' is a little far-fetched. The ancient root is more like 'I speak/choose/mean' with the closest idea being "I bring together". More commonly, this word has become the root in many languages of the verb "to read".

Seller: Playstones - Always Cheap
Feedback (at time of writing): 320
Feedback Ratio: 98.8%
Location: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Prices: Below average

My Order
Order Size: 43 items in 24 lots
Condition: 100% Used
Shipping Charge: Actual which includes tracking
Other: no extra charges, not even Paypal! Minimum buy 5
Final Cost per Part: $0.85 (Fabuland figures anyone?)

Order Date: Mar 26
Invoice Date: Mar 29
Payment Date: Mar 29
Shipping Date: (Being so far behind in my updates, I've lost that info...)
Delivery Date: Apr 15

Order Details
Why this store: A challenge was issued and I needed parts. Plus I needed someone who could continue helping me complete older sets.
Packaging: Baggied and placed in a thin cardboard box that was amazingly not one bit crushed in transit.
Communication: none
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: none

The prices are reasonable and it's refreshing to see a European store who knows how to work their Paypal fees into their cost of business, not as a separate line item on the invoice. Selection is very interesting for older stuff. Response and transit times were a little slower than other stores

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