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Bricklink Seller Review - Real Bricks

Have you ever dealt with buying a big box of used LEGO pieces? I had the thrill of receiving a donation to use for LEGO classes. The donor was a proud tried and true LEGO fan and swore they only played with LEGO brick. I got 35# worth of contents. Once I pulled out a Mega Blocks jet fighter, some still unknown brand of Humvee, Tente, GI*Joe, doll accessories, K'nex, gum and crayon wrappers, etc., I was left with a nice 28# of real LEGO bricks remaining.

Seller: Real Bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 340
Feedback Ratio: 99.7% (one neutral from a buyer using the feedback system as a comms device.)
Location: Netherlands, Noord-Brabant
Prices: Average

My Order
Order Size: 12 items in 3 lots
Condition: 67% Used
Shipping Charge: Actual
Other: 0,50 charge for orders under 2,50 when paying via Paypal.
Final Cost per Part: $1.40

Order Date: Jun 20
Invoice Date: Jun 21
Payment Date: Jun 21
Shipping Date: Jun 22
Delivery Date: Jun 30

Order Details
Why this store: Wanted list ping for a rare item at a reasonable price.
Packaging: Each lot in individual baggies, one with a cardboard insert, all in a bubble mailer.
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: itemized all 3 lots on the customs form and used the word "LEGO". C'mon, "Used Toys" is more than sufficient and doesn't raise any eyebrows for any reasons.

I only ordered the 3 lots because there was really nothing else I needed. I had a few other filler items but they barely bumped me into the next shipping bracket. It was too far to go to fill that next bracket and nothing more I wanted to fill it with so I backed off. Prices seem reasonable, shipping is at cost and the proprietor is very responsive to questions and to ship. I would have no problem shopping here again.

Bonus points! Can you identify the pieces I bought?

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