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Custom Items

Brick Separator Keychain:

Get the official brick separator on an official keychain!

Back in stock!

$5 + shipping

This and similar builds can be found for sale on Etsy! Visit my shop to see this and similar creations or order a custom item!

(Though the brick separator and keychain are both official items, The LEGO Company has never seen fit to mash these two items together. This is a custom item and is no way created or endorsed by The LEGO Company.  Not that it's, um, unendorsed either)

Dag Bricks!

Ebook of instructions for sale via here.

QR Codes:

See here for more details.

Micro Builds:

I am happy to create a small scale model for your architecture project.  This is a great way to add a lighthearted yet accurate vision to your school, church, hospital, bridge, or megalopolis tower.  Afterwards, raffle off the model for even more fund-raising stratagem!  Contact me for details.


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