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Selling LEGO Online Ebook

You know those guys who seem to always be buying LEGO sets for themselves? "Hey guys, check out the latest $200 LEGO set I bought. It's a good companion to the $200 LEGO set I bought last month". Jealous? I was.

Years ago the extent of my LEGO purchases was limited to whenever I could save up enough without having to pilfer the mortgage money. I'm more of a custom builder than a set buyer. There are a few sets I want but mostly I want raw parts for my own creations. Every 6 months or so I would scrape up $20 and make a purchase of loose pieces on Bricklink. Building went very slow.

Then one day I read an article that changed my life. It gave me the key I needed to begin making my hobby pay for itself. I could actually buy sets with the sole purpose of selling the parts from them. Heck I could even pull out the parts I needed and sell the rest, STILL making a profit. This was good news, VERY good news.

I had several years of experience selling on Ebay in a very tight niche. I understood how to store inventory and ship goods. I also spent a lot of time at LEGO gatherings and forums getting to know people, time in catalogs getting to know product, and time researching the market to find out the best way to dive in. With just $40 I started what is now a home side business that is self perpetuating. I buy the sets, I keep what I need, I sell the rest, I have enough profit to buy pieces from others. It's very reassuring to not have to invade the household expenses to fulfill my hobby. In fact, my hobby income was able to help with household expenses when money was tight!

You can do this too! I've done a lot of the backend work already, you just need to follow the path I've paved towards my success and make it your own. This book describes everything you need to know about setup, acquisition, storage, marketing, trend seeking and logistics. And the great part is that it's all very easy! You don't have to be a genius to do it, just a little willpower.

"Yes Brian, I want to learn the secrets to successfully selling LEGO online so that I can support my hobby and stop pilfering the mortgage money every month!"

Don't take my word for it. See the reviews on Amazon. Every. single. one of them is 5 stars. I am confident that you will feel the same.

As if the book wasn't enough, you get even more. Buy today and you can choose to join my hot tips and analysis mailing list. I'll tell you what sets are good buys to part out, where the deals are, and let you know when postal rates change. Don't worry about doing all the heavy lifting, I got this for you! Make money, spend more time with your family and do the things you love!

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

- Dag

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