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LEGO Tips, Tricks, and Techniques - Dag Bricks

If you were at Bricks Cascade 2013, maybe you noticed the larger brick built bricks building bricks.  Or something like that.  Y'know, the ones that were sitting on the art table and (shameless plug) won the Optimus Artes Generalis trophy in the Art/Mosaic/Sculpture category.

One of my personal projects has been creating LEGO elements that are 4x larger than regular size but that actually stack.  Ratios and proportions have been slightly tweaked to allow for aesthetics as well as functional performance.  At first I felt limited due to the basic technique and piece/color availability but soon found several other LEGO elements that were able to be embiggened.

Now you too can have your own Dag Bricks!  Instructions can be found here.  The 1x2 plate is featured but many many more pieces can be built off of this basic starting point.  Other parts instructions will be added here and there.

Run with it!  Which large scale Dag Bricks can you build?