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LEGO Finds - 2016 Week 6

Back at it. I've missed sharing a few things like the 30+lbs of free LEGO I was given. But that has a backstory for another article. This week I found these small gemlets. Half a Spider-trike, a bald Friend and a book with a LEGO logo on it. Turns out it was official Bionicle fan-fic. I'm about halfway through reading it. I have... no idea what I'm reading. Sometimes I think it's a cookbook but then there's fight scenes. So it's more like The Mafia Cookbook. I'm not sure. Maybe it's a motorcycle manual.

LEGO Techniques - Rhotuka!

Yeah I know. What? Not a clue. But I found one of these little parts in a bulk bin and grabbed it because it was new to me. Plus it takes no space or weight to speak of. Finally figured out that it is used in conjunction with a rip-cord. This was WAAAY back in 2004 before Chima Speedorz and Airjitzu. So nothing new. In fact I thought it was a friction fit gear from the old 80's motors.

Unfortunately the gear teeth don't really mesh with anything else except the rip-cord. But like everything else, it fits with the System! Yeah, can you believe it? The first thing that grabbed my attention was that little nub. When I was a kid I was disappointed that the little void under a stud wasn't sized to match anything. Now we know of course that LEGO sometimes uses that void to place tracking devices to understand more about how LEGO is played with. If you find a tracker, smash it!

How? Use this little piece. The nub fits that void and the teeth are sized at 4.8mm diameter which (as we all know by now) matches a stud. Fits great into a 1x1 plate, albeit a little loose. The fit into a round 1x1 plate is much tighter. If your fingers aren't very grippy, you might need some pliers.

Since the diameter is a stud, it should fit into a tube under a brick, right? With ease!

Hey wait, is this the missing double male stud SNOT piece we've been seeking?

Oh. Yes. With exactly a plate of width in the middle. (I really did need pliers to extract the hex end as it was quite tight).

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 19

Some delicious finds this week. A very large chunk of the Bat-Copter and a bit of Man-Bat's glider from 76011 Man-Bat Attack. Minus Bat parts, Batman, Man-Bat, and Bat stickers. Also a bald Karai from something something Ninjago Ninja Turtles*. The ever present Duplo and Bionicle did not disappoint. The Duplo car base looks like a dog or child took a bite out of it. The wheel still rolls though!

*edit: Thanks Brad!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 4

I found a few Duplo airplane parts this week.  Then the airplane.  Oh... my... gee oh es aitch this thing is huge.  Biggest single LEGO piece I've ever handled.  At 18.5" from tip to tail it's darn near 60 studs in length.  Okay, so it's really about 7 molded pieces all held together with screws.  I'll have to dissect it and publish my findings.  Wednesday perhaps?

Also a pink lid, some scrungy plates (you're welcome kids), a full minifig and some where are my pants, plus a freaking ugly Bionicle promo from McDonald's.  Anyone want it?  Free even?

LEGO Techniques - Pretty Ballsy

The beauty of LEGO is that there is a little bit of tolerance and flex in pieces.  The other beauty is that everything works with everything.  EVERYTHING!  So it should be no surprise that a Hero Factory torso can be the basis for an otherwise completely system build.  Sure, you could pull in pieces like modified bricks with balls or cups.  But then there would be no blog post for me to write.

The balls on the Hero Factory joints are listed by LEGO as being 10.2mm in diameter.  There's not much going on here for being within system.  You can subtract either 3.2mm, 4mm, 6.4mm, 8mm or 9.6mm and never get a result that is within our 0.8mm expectations.  The closest dimension is 10.4 and maybe that's where they intended to land, then cut the tolerance by the 1mm on each side.  This would be two plates of height (6.4mm) plus half a brick width (4mm).  Or a brick height (9.6mm) plus a quarter plate height (0.8mm) Whatever.

But the thing about spheres is that a ring can be placed over it at some point.  Place two rings on opposing sides and the distance between the rings will be less than the sphere diameter.  Lost yet?  Perhaps an example:

Imagine the bottom of two plates.  The 4.85mm anti-studs will slip over the ball joint and reduce the total distance.  What is the distance between these plates (assuming they are parallel)?  A little SketchUp render tells me it is just under 9.0mm which is a little more than a brick width (8.0mm).  But remember the tolerance and flex that I opened up with?

And since the spacer is a typical brick width, it works for other parts with holey relief too, like technic liftarms and bricks.

By the way, these are all the Hero Factory type pieces that I own.  See why the need for more system connections?

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 52

Yeah, last finds post for the year!  A decent one too.  Yes, I took the busted pieces including a black motorcycle, two plates, and an empty sprue.  It's all LEGO!  Better finds were the Tiny Turbos road/case, several Hero Factory joints and the Pearl Gold C3P0 (missing an arm).  He'll be a great addition to my R2-D2.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 48

This week I learned that K'nex makes DUPLO sized pieces.  I left those but I did find some more Bionicle parts.  These things are everywhere.  I couldn't figure out what set this one came from but it looks a little like a perched bird to me.

LEGO Techniques - Double Jointed

Last week I found a few Bionicle parts.  I'm not normally one to play around with constraction action.  But as I was looking at pieces, something got me curious.  The ball, when placed in a socket, looked like there was still a bit of spherical space left.  Granted, there's usually an axle type bit in the way but there's still some room.  Could it, would it, let it be?

Now, I'm not big in the Bionicle community and I don't know any of those types of techniques but I'd like to think that this is original.  After playing around a little more I made this sort of baby plant dragon.  There are three such connections in this little beastie (hips, back, jaw).

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 45

A nice little haul of Bionicle thingymajigs.  Headless minifigs, a few system parts and more Chima cards (not pictured, obviously).  The funny thing about this lot is that I was just thinking how I'd like a mini R2-D2.  I've passed dozens through my fingers but never kept one.  Then this guy shows up.  Sweet.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 15

Finally!  After several weeks of very little to nothing, there was a small haul.  All over the map too.  First, a black City briefcase and dark bley knit cap.  Then a Bionicle mask, weapon and random piece (hooked on the Technic ring), plus a Knights Kingdom helmet.  A Technic ring that's likely from the Ninjago spinner arena set.  Plus a Quatro piece and a Tub lid.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 30

Holy Mother of LEGO.  I'm way out of my league on this one.  First an amazing and hefty score of system bricks.  As a Tiny Turbos fan it's kind of fun to get the McDonald's racers bits.  Part of a Mandalorian, an old castle minifig breastplate and other goodies.  It looks like more of that Atlantis Portal from five weeks ago has been trickling in as well.

 What really is beyond me is the amount of Bionicle / Hero Factory / Large Figure parts that I only know are LEGO because of my fellow LUG member who is part of BZPower.  I can see the Technic bits in most of this stuff but the rest of it might as well be Fisher Price.  Big, bulky, and brightly colored.  I grabbed it anyway being a sucker for anything, ANYTHING, Lego.  There's almost a complete Hulk, not quite as complete Captain America and even less of Batman and Joker respectively.

Then there's this whole pile of Matoran or Keenawat or Pleebador that I have no idea what is.  I guess I'll just start catalog searching by part number and see if I have enough parts to get close to making anything with.

LEGO Tricks - Removing the Bionicle Brain Stalk from Head

In my recent LEGO find I became the owner of a Bionicle head connector and brain stalk combo.  I had remembered seeing tricks on how to remove the two pieces.  Google search is surprisingly light on what it finds.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos and read a few other guides.  I was amazed and the seemingly complex methods used and amount of time that were taken to pop the head off.  There were some 10 piece setups all intended to push the brain stalk backwards from the head.  It occurred to me that it could be a lot simpler.

The main connection occurs where the eyes enter the eye sockets.  There is a small protrusion on the inside of the eyes which clips into a relief point near where the nose sternum would be.  The purpose of creating the aforementioned tools is to overcome this grip point with force thereby separating the two pieces.  As luck would have it, the space between the head and the brain stalk is smooth on both pieces.  This would allow you to insert a thin object between them and apply force.

So grab your switchblade (or have your mom supervise you with a butter knife).  Insert the blade end up between the head and brain.  Gently twist the knife so that the top edge is pushing against the brain.  Don't worry, you won't actually get far enough to cut the brain.  Oh wait, it popped off already?  Dang, that was easy.

Congratulations!  Bionicle lobotomy!  See the video here.