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Brick Owl Seller Review - Budget Kids

A while ago I tried Brick Owl for buying.  While it was a marvelous experience, there is one drawback.  Wanted Lists from Bricklink need to be manually recreated to use on Brick Owl.  I've been slow to do so but finally decided I should make more effort as a buyer on that site.

Dem Baggies!
Dem Parts!

Seller: Budget Kids
Feedback (at time of writing): 110 (100 credit from other marketplaces)
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: United States, Minnesota
Prices: Below 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 14 lots, 45 pieces
Condition: 62% New
Shipping Charge: Brick Owl has seller determined bands for instant checkout.
Extra Fees: Appears to be $1 over USPS counter prices.
Other: None
Final Cost per Part: $0.09 interpolated.  I also ordered 7 McDonald's Racers sets.

Order Date: Jan 14
Invoice Date: Jan 14 (Brick Owl uses instant checkout)
Payment Date: Jan 14
Shipping Date: Jan 16
Delivery Date: Jan 18

Order Details
Why this store: Seven of the eight McDonald's racers were available.  All eight were there a few months ago but I was a little gun shy.  Chris also improved his shipping bands so the cost to ship them was much more in line with reality.
Packaging: Almost every lot in its own Ziploc sandwich bag, all in a bubble mailer.  All but one of the lots were 4 pieces and under (not my fault, I emptied out lots).  Plus a packing slip.  The whole package weighed 10.4oz.  The 12 baggies plus the packing slip weighed 1.5oz.  This means total package weight could have snuck in just under 9oz for a savings of 34c.
Part condition: Fabulous
Communication: Fun and cordial.  I really feel like family!
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: Full size sandwich baggies for two 1x2 tiles.
Issues: None

Budget Kids is an active part of both Brick Owl and Bricklink forums.  He doesn't waste bandwidth either.  He claims you will be treated like family and has a loyalty program as well.  Part selection is fairly good and communication is excellent.  Other than getting a wad of baggies with your order I couldn't find a single thing to complain about.  In conversation he mentioned he was getting a slew of smaller baggies so you may not experience that anyway.

*Edit: I just heard from Chris that he has several sizes of smaller baggies in hand.