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Set Review - Bunny and Babies 41087

What, seriously? Did we not already deal with this back a few series ago? Apparently I am some sort of glutton for punishment because rather than take a pass, I am actually going to open the box (tiny box, not a polybag anymore) and build it.

Even though the pictuers show me I already spent money on this set before.

Maybe TLG didn't like the earlier bunny sets so they mashed them up. I see so many familiar elements here: the fence, the single door, a bunny, some brick bricks, 7 pastel colors and a ramp. Apparently bunnies like ramps. Who knew? Wait, lemme ask Mrs. Dagsbricks, she knows everything... Nope, no clue on her end either.

*tear, tear* *shake shake* *crinkle crinkle* *pieces spilling onto the floor* *sigh*

"He was like that when I got here"
Oh squee! There's baby bunnsies! And a brand new jumper in reddish brown. Y'know, the type with the central stud holder. A 6x8 lime plate, that's new. Oh and a magenta baby bow (1x2 curved slope). Finally, a useful part in that color. Lavender, medium azure, bright pink, light aqua, GAH MY EYES!

So really, of note is those babies. This is a bit of a first for LEGO. Sure there are baby horses but those are larger animals. TLG has taken an already small animal and made an even smaller version. What's next, baby puppies and kittehz? Apparently these little buggers are quite popular. TLG is currently sold out of them. The average price is about $1.20 each but folks have been buying them up by the 50's and 100's for between $0.60 and $0.90 each. I sense some incredible MOCs coming, least of which would be a Monty Python one. Or maybe folks want real litters, not just two little survivors.

Mug shots
Digression, digression, back to the moulds. In the spirit of realism, dimensional continuity has been sacrificed a bit. Their width is the typical 8mm wide of a 1x brick. Depth, a bit more. Those fuzzy cotton tails stick out a bit behind and the twitching noses stick to the front. The calipers tell me that they are 11mm from front to back. So that's a quarter brick width each end. The height is nearer to 12mm. Four plates in height is 12.8mm so they'll just squeeze under that. And, they've got a hole in the head so you can torture them with ribbons. From dead on, they kinda look like rats.

This is so totally an Animal Series set even though there's no longer any number on the box nor is it even in a polybag anymore (as noted earlier). But there's three of these sets at the $3.99 price point and they reek of the former setup; animal, 40-50 pieces, some food to eat (no longer in a dish), inane pretties for the head (even at risk to the animal). Yes, there are two more. Stay tuned for the next couple weeks of eye socket reaming fun.

Come closer. No, really.
The irony of this set is that I just got some rabbit hutches set up in my backyard to start producing my own herd of coneys. Oh, what kind you ask? Probably New Zealand Whites. Why? Well, they're one of the largest breeds and they dress out real nice. It'll be some cheap, delicious, organic meat.

Mmm... wab- I mean, rabbit...

Set Review - 41022 Bunny's Hutch

In our final of three of the second series of the Friends animal polybags we look at a rabbit redux.  My builds are usually accompanied by my two 6 and 5 year old FCFOLs.  This time the 6 year old was so sick she didn't care to participate so I let the 5 year old build this one on her own.

Usually she just prefers to play with the pieces and not explicitly follow the instructions.  But I thought I'd see how well she could do.  So all by herself she built the thing missing only two pieces.  Very impressed I was.  After that though she didn't do much with it.  She moved the bunny around a little bit but I was surprised that she didn't feed him/her/it the carrot and put it to bed.

The set is sort of a half-sized version of Andrea's Bunny House without the mini-doll.  I bought several of those sets that were being clearanced out for picking and parting.  My little girls were rather excited with the pink and the fences that I gave them a handful of parts in exchange for helping me sort pieces.

I'm not a little girl which would probably explain why this set looks like a color warrior designed it.  But I suppose the cheery inclusion of all the colors is a purposeful move to get the target audience to enjoy the set.  This set in particular seems to have a higher percentage of neutrals than any of the other animal polybags.  Especially of interest is the 2x3 clip tiles in medium dark flesh.  LEGO has been slowly leaking parts out in this color, and not quite fast enough in my opinion.  Eighty-eight pieces over three years as opposed to the massive influx of Olive Green within a year.

The set comes with 6 brick bricks (sadly no extra), and some tan arches and 1x2 travis bricks.  If you are a castle and landscape builder it might be a nice parts pack.  I say castle because grey castles are so last decade.  The castles that the kids are building these days are all sorts of earth tones.

As with series one you can follow the links in the instruction book to build some sort of mega play area for your hedgehog/poodle/rabbit friends.  Or maybe it's a temple to honor the poodle, I dunno.

You can pick up Bunny's Hutch from LEGO for $4.99.