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BrickOwl Seller Review - Angry Bricks

Back to school time!  Here at Dag's Bricks we're happy to kick off the festival of learning with a Brick Owl review.  These don't come around as often as we'd like but here we are.  Let's get Angry!  Is that really the image that you want to be portrayed as?  "Hey, do you have any of these pieces perhaps?" "NO!"  Or maybe this is an attempt to align with a popular property having something to do with cross avians.  In any event, the name could probably be better but the service is far from lacking.

Seller: Angry Bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 31 (chose not to take the boost)
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: Canada, Quebec
Prices: A touch higher than 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 208 pieces, 9 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: Canada Post rates
Extra Fees: BrickOwl sellers include all fees in one shipping charge
Other: $5 minimum order
Final Cost per Part: $0.12

Order Date: Jul 31
Invoice Date: Jul 31 (Instant Checkout)
Payment Date: Jul 31
Shipping Date: Aug 4
Delivery Date: Aug 8

Order Details
Why this store: To be honest, offered me a coupon.  Wasn't a bribe, no review needed. :-D  Well of COURSE I'm going to review the order.
Packaging: All lots separately baggied then taped to the inside of a bubble mailer.  This was a method to get the light packet rate though it looks like it ended up going small packet.
Part condition: New
Communication: Very good
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: Missing one crucial 6c brick.  Thankfully I still had just enough since I bought out the lot.  Wasn't worth pursuing.  Besides, how could I argue 6c when I had already been given a nice little discount?

Don't get Angry, get Bricks!  The proprietor is an active and helpful member on BrickOwl.  This activeness and helpfulness is just a taste of what's in his store.  Definitely go and check him out.  The only ones angry will be his competitors.

Bricklink Seller Review - Ryno's Den

Often when I am randomly led to a Bricklink store via a search for a specific part my eyes light up when I realize that the store is run by someone familiar from the forums.  Now there are a select forum folks who I would never buy from but for the most part I'll consider the rest of the forum-goers first.  So it was with delight that I realized I was in the store of someone whose username includes the number of the beast and store name includes a misspelled African mammal.

Seller: Ryno's Den
Feedback (at time of writing): 274
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: Canada, Ontario
Prices: On par with 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 26 lots, 380 pieces
Condition: 97% New
Shipping Charge: $9, CA or US it's about the same anyway
Extra Fees: Small fee for bubble mailers.  I was charged $1.
Other: Minimum buy $5.  Will combine shipping with Bricklink user Strongsong30.
Final Cost per Part: $0.07 which included 180 trans clear 1x1 at $0.0267 each.

Order Date: Apr 16 (last batch submitted 4 days after my first batch)
Invoice Date: Apr 17
Payment Date: Apr 17
Shipping Date: Apr 22
Delivery Date: Apr 27.  Wait, what?

Order Details
Why this store: I was looking for one particular part, the same one I've been trying to stock up on lately.  Brett had 5 of them at a good price.  I added a few more parts to hit the store minimum and to maximize the smallest shipping rate.  Then I kept adding... and adding...
Packaging: Every lot in it's own baggie.  All baggies were taped to a piece of paperboard.  I'm assuming this is a trick to keep the mailer fairly flat in transit in order to qualify for a specific rate.
Part condition: Good
Communication: Easy
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: Included an extra baggie of lightsaber bars that I didn't recognize.  I told Brett I would forward them to whomever was missing them and he said to keep them as he had already taken care of his problem.

I'm already biased towards Brett as I am familiar with him in the Bricklink forum.  I think he's a great guy, communicates well, and isn't subject to fits of rage (online at least).  His inventory is very similar to mine which tells me that we choose the same sets to part even though we are on opposite oceans and different countries. There was initially a slow response over the weekend but he let me know that he was out of town.  We had some back and forth about postage options and once it was obvious to me I was going to have to remove some items I instead added more to fill out the next bracket.  I will certainly return to this store.  Due to my personal preferences I will be sure to give the okay to combine lots into baggies.