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LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 44

This week, Chima will be playing for their new life force, dark matter.

Set Review - Worriz' Fire Bike 30265

LEGO S@H finally tempted me enough to make a purchase.  The Mini is cool but not something I could justify buying yet.  The promo mini Mini was not very Mini looking to me so I passed.  But the Star Wars Advent calendar came out and I decided to jump.  I'm always a sucker for tiny ships.  But that's for another review.  In getting my order to $50, I was able to get a free Chima polybag thrown in.  While the deal sealer was really the classic spaceman re-release at $99, the polybag gets the first review.

When I first saw pictures of the set I was reminded of Robin's Redbird Cycle.  On further review, I now realize that these are a bit different.  Robin's bike takes on a more traditional approach of forks on either side of the wheels.  Worriz' bike, not so much.

I like box art.  They always show you the best side.  Rarely do you get to see the rear side of a build, despite the 6 box panels on which to display copious amount of logos, figure shots, and other eye candy.  On a polybag, there's really only one side that's used.  The back side usually just has a free LEGOLAND kid's ticket with adult ticket purchase, the bar code, and dramatic language about not feeding the LEGO parts or the polybag to your babies and children.  No word on teenagers.

So when I built the bike, I was a bit disappointed.  When I was in Junior high (those amazing years), I was really into Kenner's M.A.S.K. vehicles.  It was an amazing and amazingly short lived toy line.  I'm still trying to finish up my collection.  (N.B., if you have a complete Wolfbeast that you're thinking of throwing away, call me).  There was a vehicle named Buzzard that was sort of a foreshadowing of the Split Seconds line.  Buzzard was an Indy car that broke into two sidecar type motorcycles and a small drone.  Worriz' bike reminds me of the motorcycles.  Very lopsided in that all the wheel support was on one side.  I'm almost inspired to get another one to build a mirrored version.

But now we get orange Chi!  Fire Chi, I assume?  Does this mean we can look forward to more elemental Chi in the future?  Maybe some Wind Chi or Dirt Chi?

Overall, perhaps I'd let a 3.5 out of 5 slide.  The back side of the build is terrible but the dish over the wheel is a neat touch and there's a couple of orange half baby bows.  Plus a 9L liftarm.  And it's a solid build and the bike is stable when you run it downhill.  So I guess the odd build isn't that bad.  But without any mudguards, Worriz is going to get a terrible line of road grime up his back.

Buy more fire! (Click images to go to product pages):

Set Review - Gorzan's Walker 30262

I didn't really intend to but I've reviewed several Chima sets by now.  Part of it is availability.  Part of it is the cute factor.  Maybe it's animal magnetism.  In any event, I'm usually suckered in and then mope away before the party's over.  Maybe it'll be different this time?

I was initially grabbed by the package art.  A gorilla on a small mech (which I don't normally like) in brown and blue.  Awesome!  I was excited to tear in to the set and get building.  When I first dumped the pieces out I was in shock.  I thought I got shorted!  Alot!  I guess 34 looks really paltry compared to last week's 47 set piece.  So I got to building since that's the surest way to make sure all parts are included.

They were.

Alright, what we got here then?  Issues, that's what.  Do I complain about these sets too much?  Do I expect too much from a 30-50 piece set?  Maybe I should review a MEGAblocks set to realign my chi.  There's a Skylanders set that's been on clearance for months at my local department store.  I dunno, we'll see.

First, the base is static.  That is, it does not turn.  At least the Mini-Mech pilot could turn around and see what was going on.  Second, the mobility range of the stubby little legs is SEVERELY limited.  The ball joint connections act as hips with a partial range of motion.  There are no knees or ankles.  Essentially this little walker can only stomp from side to side, throwing it's operator into convulsions not unlike an earthquake.  Finally, it looks like an armchair.

This, is a Barcowalker.

On the plus side, brown and blue look really nice together.  The dark brown with medium azure highlights is very striking.  It's very much a miniature Gorilla Striker, but without appreciable arms.  Or bananas.  Maybe sitting amongst his brethren this set would be a nice accessory.  But sitting amongst itself, it just makes me want to part it into my builder collection.

This set can be found at TRU for $3.99.  Makes the 34+2 piece set a little easier to swallow.  Probably a discount would help?

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LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 19

This week was all about ups and downs.  I had found an amazing raised baseplate in perfect condition.  I stuck it in my box and rooted through some other bins.  I came back to find that someone had yoinked it from my box!  Gar!  Very disappointing.  At least I ended up with a Taun-taun.  And some tires, VERY used bricks, technic links and some Chima cards.

Set Review - Ewar's Acro Fighter 30250

Merry Chimas!  No, wait, that's not right.  Hmm.  Well anyway how about a little furry action?  Er no, not that.  Not going well is it?  How about a set review?

I don't much fancy the Chima line.  Not that I'm high on Ninjago either.  But a polybag's a polybag and TLG was clearing these out at 98c each.  Unfortunately mine came from Target for $3.99 or so.  Christmas was a bit sparse this year but I allowed the missus to stick this one in my stocking.  Even though I bought it and I knew it was in there it was still a thrill to pull it out and build it.  Maybe that's what I needed to enjoy this set.

The build is what I would expect from a polybag; simple, unimpressive, underbuilt.  The minifig practically dwarfs it.  But the Acro Fighter has a very aquilian form for it's mere 22 pieces.  I especially like the bit of yellow at the tip of the nose of the craft.  Beaky.  But I wonder if the designers would have considered a 1x1 plate with tooth instead.

I'm simultaneously impressed and underwhelmed by all of the Chima minifigs.  The execution is great but it just doesn't interest me.  Kind of like a gourmet vegetarian meal.  What I zoned in on though was the neck piece bracket/armor, thingy.  If you can hide the shoulder pads it is a very useful piece of SNOT.  There's 8.0mm in the middle plus 2x 0.8mm flanges on either side.  This totals 9.6mm between studs which is the same as a brick height.  Seems like nothing goes unnoticed with the LEGO parts design team.

The wings are a nice little piece as well.  They have appeared in black and white thus far and I would love to see them appear in grey as well.  I'm picturing a minifig sized angel statue.

If you're into Chima this would be a nice addition to your aerie.  Other than some otherwise unknown polybag this seems to be the only way to get Ewar.  To me though that's like finding the only farm store that sells parsnips.

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Set Review - Chi Battles 70113

For a while (and maybe still) LEGO S@H has been very generous with their Chi Battles Pack.  Any time you made an order they'd throw one in.  It's like they couldn't get rid of them fast enough.  So I received 5 of these packs in total before my buying spree ran out.

What am I going to do with 5 of these?  Not much.  Chima is not really my thing.  Probably because I'm not an 8-12 year old boy.  Nonetheless I took a look at these things as a parts pack.  There's a few useful bits and bobs but not really enough of anything unless you like the trans blue Chima rocks.  Maybe you like some palm leaves or Asian hats or Zamor spheres?  Of course, now, if you have five of them then maybe you'll have something.  Can't think of what but maybe something.

The animal heads are headgear that go over standard heads.  This headgear alone is worthwhile as you could plop them down on any standard head for some crazy minifig modding.  At this point it adds 5 animal heads you could use though the wolf head might not be much more interesting than the Monster Fighters Werewolf. 

And so with that this post takes a turn towards critiquing and praising the ripcord riding cycle happy fun time flywheel.
This thing is pretty cool.  I kept two and my daughters and I had a rip roarin' time sending them up and down the hall.  It was all fun and games until we tried to build a car on top of it.  What a disappointment.  These things can barely manage a load.  That's probably why the Chima sets only load them up with a couple of pieces that minimize drag but increase stability.

I added a rear extension with a couple of small city wheels.  Performance?  Crappy.  Then I tried a larger axle and a set of wheels.  A little better but still crappy.  Believe it or not the rubber of the tires adds way too much drag.  Most of the problem came in tearing itself apart.  So then I constructed a lightweight Technic frame to hold some wheels.  Crappy.  The problem is that the flywheel seems to be set to handle exactly 13.1g of add-ons.  Beyond that and the performance both in distance and straight run diminish exponentially.

I wonder about these Chima packs in general.  LEGO has been giving them away in S@H orders.  They also have several sets discounted on their website.  The larger sets are likely selling well but these battle packs seem to be a bust.

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