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Set Review - Microfighters Clone Turbo Tank 75028

At long last, we've reached the end.  My goal was to start the reviews of the Microfighters with an awesome set, finish with an awesome set, and bury the rest in the middle.  Overall I'd say I succeeded.  The Clone Turbo Tank is a set that we haven't seen in a while.  The 2005 release was pretty cool.  Then it went downhill.  In 2006 we got a slightly awkward looking micro version.  Then in 2010 was the even more awkward spindly thing that looked like a Chinese knockoff of a Hasbro toy.  Now we got another micro.  I figure at this rate we'll get a full size re-release sometime around 2021.  Assuming TLG hasn't run out of new stuff with VII-VIII-IX coming around.

The Microfighter Clone Turbo Tank (CTT) is a very sturdy little vehicle with one design flaw.  No steering.  I'm frankly a little disappointed.  The main carriage is created with two 1x10 technic bricks.  I would have preferred the rear six wheels be stationary with this setup while the front four get their own independent platform on a turntable.

The build itself has all of sorts of SNOT.  Pretty neat way to get the exterior texture and variation.  At one point you place a headlight brick and a bracket next to each other.  The side studs become exactly one plate of thickness apart.  It was just screaming for something cool.  Instead the headlight brick was left untouched.  It could have been a normal brick and not lost anything.

I checked some source material and was reminded of the size of this thing.  At 64' wide, 162' long and 100' tall this could crush several houses at once.  It even dwarfs the AT-AT (camel walkers) which are only 66' long and 74' tall.  The CTT can cruise at 99mph which means it could easily overtake the 37mph AT-AT, crushing it like a melon without even noticing.  I have to wonder how the clones, with their wheeled vehicles were not able to keep the Empire from taking over.  Or rather (as I understand it) how the Clone vehicles degraded even more to clumsy walkers when it became a key part of the Empire.

Er, but you were here for a review of a set, not my commentary on the Clone Wars.  Yeah, it's cool.  Even though some of my fellow bloggers give it no love, I'd pay full price for it, flick-fires and all.

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