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LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 47

Quite the haul this week. A massive amount of DUPLO, mostly from sets 10538, some 4665 plus a working siren! Also some liftarms, an older style finger puppet and a crayon someone molded from the minifigure ice cube tray.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 42

Mrs. Dagsbricks on the LEGO prowl this week. Bunch of random fiddly bits including half of a technic shock absorber. Plus a Quatro brick. Nice finds Mrs. D!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 40

Mrs. Dagsbricks found a nice little cache of DUPLO this week including some printed 2x2 bricks. Looks like part of set 10532.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 33

A simple week and a little late this week. A 2x8 DUPLO brick. Always nice to have longer pieces. Plus a space marine helmet from the CMF line. I love the grip on the front of the face mask so the fig can hold his helmet. Classy.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 32

Some cooler than usual pieces this week. More DUPLO to compliment last week's sets. Some instructions for an older Star Wars set. Bonus! A perfect green army man, older style white horse and a 2012 version pteranodon minus wings.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 31

A nice assortment of DUPLO plus a seriously outsized Magenta System cone. There are at least 5 different DUPLO sets represented here. Can you name them?

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 30

Sometimes it ain't much but that's okay.  I've got so many flowers and 2x2 bricks by now.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 21

One solitary piece this week but kind of neat. A clean printed DUPLO 1x2x2. My kids enjoy having some of these extra decorative pieces. Even if they ignore the printing most of the time.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 19

Some delicious finds this week. A very large chunk of the Bat-Copter and a bit of Man-Bat's glider from 76011 Man-Bat Attack. Minus Bat parts, Batman, Man-Bat, and Bat stickers. Also a bald Karai from something something Ninjago Ninja Turtles*. The ever present Duplo and Bionicle did not disappoint. The Duplo car base looks like a dog or child took a bite out of it. The wheel still rolls though!

*edit: Thanks Brad!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 17

Again with the single piece finds. I now have about 4.2 miles of Duplo track.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 12

LEGO Finds are back to Thursdays! This week was a couple of Bright Light Orange (AKA BLO) Duplo blocks. It's a rather mezmerizing color.

Also found a Ninjago Spinner Arena. Somebody had a $9 price tag on it. Must be wishful thinking. It's in used but nice shape. BL sellers have them for a third that price... and none have sold in the last 6 months. Good call giving up, mystery seller.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 10

A few quickies today. A Primo figure, in primo condition. Also a Duplo 4-wheeler. It's got an active suspension. The 3 year old boy is gonna love it!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 7

Story time! Last night I was working on completing one of the original Ninjago spinners sets. I noticed that the spinner itself is composed of no less than five individual pieces. I couldn't detach some of them without gouging the plastic, so I left it alone. I made a note to look for one on my next order.

Today on my LEGO Finds adventure what should I find but a generation 1 spinner. Just... like... I... wanted. Divine intervention? If not, it's an AWFULLY strong coincidence. Much like R2-D2 not that long ago. Not only that but there was a generation 2 spinner as well. Look for some more biopsy posts coming soon.

One of the wheel plates from the DUPLO plane a few weeks ago, plus Holley Shiftwell and a Primo block. The Friends spatula was a neat little find too. Plus a bunch more of the clones from last week.

LEGO Techniques - Duplo Plane Biopsy

For a fun little diversion this week I decided to dissemble the Duplo airplane from last week.  Appearances were that it was composed of 7 separate pieces.  I wanted to see what was really inside as well as play with some of those parts.  Could they be used exclusive of the airplane?

This assembly is held together with 9 screws.  A little jeweler's screwdriver has a narrow enough shank but still offers enough grip.  The screws aren't exactly tightened to a high torque anyway; just snug.  The grey base is clipped to the undercarriage so a little finesse is needed to separate them.

The undercarriage:

 The nose piece has a little hole which goes over one of the screw channels.  The hole is about 4.9mm, just a touch too big to get any good clutch on a stud.  It does have a part number molded in though!

The grey base is still attached with two screws.

Remove the two screws and the base is free.

The windshield can be removed from the fuselage.  It clips ever so slightly into the windshield hole in the front of the plane.  A little more finesse here and it slides right off.

 Two more screws remove a back panel from the plane.

The tail is now loose.  Those little nubs are larger than a system stud but too small to clip into Duplo studs.

The tail cone can now slide off too.

We are left with the main fuselage, stripped of all parts.

Total count, 8 pieces assembled as one.  Also 13 screws, all the same size.

Unfortunately none of these parts have any hidden gems for working with system.  Some of the holes in parts (such as the rubber cones) that pass over the screw channels can have bars and axles put through them.  I suppose they could be used for sculpting a Bionicle or Constraction type figure.  The windshield might have some fun uses for a large building or maybe a better Invisible Jet?  If my kids didn't want this thing back together so quickly, I might try doing just that.

I've tried adding these types of parts to the Bricklink catalog before but they were denied.  Expect to see these in the Brick Owl catalog in the very near future!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 4

I found a few Duplo airplane parts this week.  Then the airplane.  Oh... my... gee oh es aitch this thing is huge.  Biggest single LEGO piece I've ever handled.  At 18.5" from tip to tail it's darn near 60 studs in length.  Okay, so it's really about 7 molded pieces all held together with screws.  I'll have to dissect it and publish my findings.  Wednesday perhaps?

Also a pink lid, some scrungy plates (you're welcome kids), a full minifig and some where are my pants, plus a freaking ugly Bionicle promo from McDonald's.  Anyone want it?  Free even?

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 3

Apparently someone's mom thought that incomplete LEGO sets were no longer worth keeping.  Completely misses the point of LEGO but whatever.  I'm happy to be steward of the LEGO discards.  Seems like City is strong this week.  Some mostly complete sub assemblies.  A strong showing from sets 30032, 7737, and some sort of helicopter that looks Creatorish but might be a Happy Meal promo.  Speaking of Mickey D's, Nick's promo head makes a creepy appearance.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 2

I was just about to go home disappointed when I spied one last box that looked promising.  I dug down and saw a system size Mega Blok.  Digging further (and releasing most of the box's contents) revealed a whole smattering of Mega Block, AS WELL AS plenty of LEGO pieces.  It would have been well worth it except that every last piece looks as if a lemur taste tested them all.  Or a 4 year old child, whatever.  Death by a thousand tiny little bite marks.  Well, some might make good internal support material, others are going into the kids bin.  The Duplo trailer was a neat find though.

LEGO Techniques - Fencing Your Goods

Been a while, what say we have a proper techniques post?  'Tis Christmas after all.  And what better gift from me to you than fresh material?  Right-o, off we go then!

What's the best gift that TLG can give to us?  A redesigned part?  A new part?  How about a completely redone part such that the cleverness and usefulness of the old part is done away with completely in the name of "child safety".  You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands?

My particular woeful rant today is over the old Duplo fence, part number 3967.  (Wot, no picture?  On it, chief!).  I have a handful of these and I used to think they were junk.  But the more I explored and caressed them, the more I realized how brilliant they were as a crossover piece in connecting Duplo and System.

For starters is the clip system to interlock them together.  On one side is a clip, the other side is a bar, very similar to a handle on a 1x2 plate.  It didn't take very much time or finagling to make a connection from one side of the fence to the other.  The fact that I couldn't locate a 1x2 plate with closed end handle was a little annoying.  Nonetheless it was quite easy to discern that there are exactly 25 plates of height between the two grippy ends of the fence.  That's 80mm which is also exactly 10 studs in width.  Oooh, can we double check that somehow?

Sure enough, the feet of the fence are also System friendly.  In the bottom is a little hole somewhere along the lines of 4.85mm in diameter, the exact size needed for a System stud.  It fits nice and snug too.  By placing jumpers on either end of a 1x10 plate, we can check the distance of the fence.  Those little feet fit nicely in between Duplo studs, and are about 6.4mm wide by 12.8mm long.

Some other stats:
  • Fence posts are 6.4mm square (two plate thicknesses) and 28.8mm tall (3 bricks tall);
  • Rails are about 3.3mm thick, a little more than a plate;
  • Gap between rails is about 6.3mm, a little less than two plates thick;
  • Void in the back of rails is right about 1.6mm, or a half plate thick; same as the lip on a headlight brick.
  • Void behind the posts is a bit over 3.3mm.  A tile slides in fine, but does not clutch.

In short, this is an amazing crossover piece, even more useful as a scaffold for System alone.  They are anywhere from 2 to 20 for a buck on the marketplaces.  On your next BrickBird order, pick up a few.  And may your stocking be filled with a complete S13 set.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 51

Big interesting haul this week.  Most of (but not nearly all of) Big Bentley DUPLO set.  All of (except the Zamor Spheres) two older Hero Factory models, Jetbug and Corroder.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 45

A nice little haul of Bionicle thingymajigs.  Headless minifigs, a few system parts and more Chima cards (not pictured, obviously).  The funny thing about this lot is that I was just thinking how I'd like a mini R2-D2.  I've passed dozens through my fingers but never kept one.  Then this guy shows up.  Sweet.