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LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 41

Some DUPLO including a digger bucket assembly.  The three year old boy is going to be ecstatic.  Somebody's disenheaded torso.  Identify?

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 40

Just a small mish mash of big things this week.  A complete Endor IV planet, a small Pick A Brick cup, and a couple of DUPLO pieces.  Pro-tip: In a pinch, a 4x12 LEGO brick will suffice for a 2x6 DUPLO brick.

Then there were these other pieces that I finally decided to grab.  After some interweb-surfing, they appear to be DIABLOCK.  Is that Die-A-Block or Dee-A-Block?

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 38

Some fun new stuff this week.  More DUPLO (as usual) including some curved pieces and a specialized plate.  One of those 2x2 bricks is old Light Yellow.  And I always love me some trans pieces.  System had a nice small representation too.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 37

I found a gigantic bin of Megablocks.  After I rooted through, I was able to rescue exactly eight DUPLO pieces.  That, and the world record holder for least amount of faces.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 35

Mrs. Dagsbricks is definitely tuning her eye.  She was rifling through a large box and grabbed a plastic studded piece.  She saw Megablock on it and then realized she had seen other pieces as well.  She went back through a little more carefully and came out with a whopping pile.  First is a bunch of system with some Knights Kingdom in there.  Then an assortment of DUPLO with a couple of Quatro figs.  Very cool.  At the end, she had just grabbed a paper bag with a bunch of stuff in it for me to go through.  A few extra LEGO bits but also a large collection of Nanoblocks.  I would never buy the stuff but it was neat to have some in person.  This might be the basis for an occasional Techniques post on clone bricks.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 34

Found some DUPLO hanging with a bunch of same size Tyco.  And a circus ringmaster.  Nova, what are you doing here?

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 33

Been a while.  LONG while since anything's showed up.  Mrs. DagBricks finally found a nice little load of stuff including a claw bar that she didn't think was LEGO.  Pretty basic stuff.  But the small DUPLO figure is just asking for a breakdown.  Different parts than the adult figures.

LEGO Techniques - DUPLO Figure Breakdown

Maybe you don't get to play with DUPLO much but I do.  I am a proud LEGOpapa of three little kidlets.  We've had DUPLO around our house for at least 7 years, more if you count my small collection from my childhood.  So I was looking at a newer DUPLO figure the other day and realized that there could be quite a few parts in there.

The first thing I noticed was a small round rod that seemed to be running through the hips.  Just push this... okay, not JUST... apply some good force with a blunt metal object and the pin will slowly slide it.  Turns out it's a 2.75L bar but a little thinner on the end thirds.  So any old clip will grip the middle but slide on the ends.  However, the bar ends are thin enough to be compatible with Modulex.

After you remove the bar, the legs will pop right off.  Then the hips slide out.  The hips hold the arms in place so those are then freed.  The difference in the DUPLO fig from a minifig is that the DUPLO figs arms are ambidextrous.  That bar goes through holes in the legs, hips, and torso.

After that the hair needs to be addressed.  The hair has a 5mm rod with a pinch clip at the end.  This goes through the head and connects into the torso.  By carefully mangling the tip, you can get it to release and come off the torso.  It then slides right out through the head.

DUPLO fig, now dismembered into eight pieces.

The bar:

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 29

Mrs. DagsBricks comes through again.  She was in a hurry but did some quick scouting.  Found a DUPLO 2x4, always better than the 2x2s I keep finding.  Also some beat up mish-mash minifig.  Wearing some generic underwear, a Ninjago torso and an Uruk-Hai helmet.  I could see the eyes underneath and thought it looked like a Clone.  Indeed it was... Mega.  Maybe I'll keep it for a headhunter MOC...

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 28

A very bizarre find this week.  Even though it has a part number, nothing came up on BrickOwl, Bricklink, or Brickset.  The great Google wouldn't give me any answers either.  Can you guess what it is?  Spoiler after the jump.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 27

This week, found the string right off the bat.  Then came the lid.   I think I've got a matching number of cups and lids now.  Finally the DUPLO.  None of the other fairy tale princess parts though.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 25

More DUPLO.  File this into the Fascinating But Useless category.  (Incidentally, my wife uses that category for much of the trivia I tell her).  The creativity will be gone from our home as we now have a real DUPLO airplane wing.  No more lengths of 2x DUPLO plate stitched together.  Also, some of that track system stuff that's kind of like a train but less exciting.

LEGO Techniques - Rideable MOC

I was very impressed with my kids this last week.  We had cleaned up the living room and they were fervently working on building something out of DUPLO.  I was impressed with several things.  First, they were working together.  Second, when one attempt failed, they tried again, at least three times.  Third, their creation was fully functional.

Well, not functional like a PF Train or an air-powered car, but useable at the least.  They had secured four basic vehicle bases to the bottom of a large 8x16 plate.  Then they built a sturdy tower and placed two more 4x8 plates on top.  Finally, they built a flimsy tower and added a narrow plate across the top.  Behold, the DUPLOcycle!

It held the oldest one who weighs somewhere around 40-50 lbs.  That's putting around 3lbs on each wheel.  Good job on the weight distribution.  And the sturdy tower has a nice wide seat and an interlocked platform for stability.  The handlebars were a little less stable but they could each sit on it and scoot it around.  A few more minor iterations were tried to attempt to make the handlebars sturdier.

My proudest moment?  When they asked if it would be on the news.  I had my LEGO Portland featured on three news outlets several weeks ago.  They fancied their creation to be that awesome.  I told them I'd blog it and see what happened. ;-)

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 3

A very bizarre find this week.  Not something you see every day.  But I was surprised to find two of them complete and in great shape.  Feast your eyes on this!  (Or wash them depending on your preferences):

"Great" you say.  "What in Ole's great plastic factory is that?"  Galidor from McDonald's.  Euripides and Nepol.  And now *waving hand* "you must have them..."

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 47

Another small score of big items this week.  More Primo blocks are always cool.  High on the coolness factor is the crane in pristine condition.  It only ever came in one set.  Now I can make some tow trucks for the boy.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 46

It's been a while since any LEGO has shown up in the free bins.  Seven to be exact.  But this last week Mrs. DagsBricks vigilantly searched and found a few bits.  Mostly DUPLO Train related.  I can always use another Thomas the Train face.  Stanley makes at least 3 now.  Also a crate and a pallet (which I discovered are separate parts AFTER I took and uploaded the picture).  The roof is rather cracked and I expect the kids to finish off the job shortly.  A single 1x2 tan brick for me.

LEGO Techniques - DUPLO Cactus

Not a very technical discovery and not a very long post but the DUPLO cactus caught my eye the other day and I decided to try it with some Primo.  Of course it fit like a glove.  Too bad those arms aren't more System designed.  They are about 18mm inside which fits a Bionicle Zamor Sphere nice and snug.  Don't blame me if yours gets stuck in there.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 38

Seems my weeks might have gotten a little off track somewhere.  No worries so long as I don't do week 42 three times in a row...

A few DUPLO this week including one neat little printed piece.

Seller reviews will be starting up again soon.  I've got a few orders in process.  If you would be interested in writing a guest review let me know and I'll send you a template.  Both Bricklink and BrickOwl sellers are acceptable.  And given the frequency of Bricklink problems with their lack of updates, I'm going to put preference on BrickOwl reviews.

LEGO Techniques - System Sizes Wrap-up

Over the past several weeks I've been taking a look at different sizes of LEGO sub brands and comparing them to the System standard.  From little to big those have been Modulex, DUPLO, Quatro, Primo, and Tubs and Cups.  Unfortunately my collection is devoid of any Jumbo Bricks or Soft Bricks.  When and if I can get my hands on some I'll be sure to post about them.  From what I've seen on the interwebs, Jumbo is between DUPLO and Quatro in size while Soft Bricks are about the same size as Primo, stud notwithstanding.  Want to score mega bonus points with me?  Send me a yellow 2x2 Soft Brick and I'll gush about how wonderful you are in your very own blog post.

Some of these systems are immediately compatible with each other, some take a little more tinkering and ingenuity.  If you need a little help with size comparisons and what might fit where, take a look at the handy-dandy chart I created and made public.  If you have definitive dimensions to help fill any of the voids please feel free to share.  Jumbo Bricks and Soft Bricks could use the most help.

I feel like I did a good job of hitting all the sizes.  What else did I miss?

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 33

Funny that I picked up three stud sizes this week having just covered DUPLO and Tubs recently.  I hunted for the bucket but to no avail.  I guess not everything can be complete.