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BrickOwl Seller Review - Plastic Paradise

You should always look before you leap.  At least that's how the adage goes.  Sometimes you might get lucky and land on a pile of, say, mattresses or perhaps lemon custard.  Other times it might be a pile of razor wire.  Most of the time it's somewhere in the middle like the roof of a car or maybe a river.  There is the occasion where the pile of mattresses has a sharp pokey stick but there's also the times where the river has a rubber raft that just happens to be floating by, followed by coolers, oars, and... well, I'd rather not think about it.

Seller: Plastic Paradise
Feedback (at time of writing): 1955 (includes 1800 boost from other marketplaces)
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: USA, Missouri
Prices: Around 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 226 pieces, 28 lots
Condition: 73% Used
Shipping Charge: Something around electronic rate plus $1.25
Extra Fees: BrickOwl sellers include all fees in one shipping charge
Other: $5 minimum order
Final Cost per Part: $0.10

Order Date: Apr 27
Invoice Date: Apr 27 (Instant Checkout)
Payment Date: Apr 27
Shipping Date: Apr 29
Delivery Date: May 2

Order Details
Why this store: Trying to give the Owl some love, needed 2 dark red 30414
Packaging: Lots conservatively combined in baggies, packed in larger baggies.  Then wrapped in bubble wrap and further placed inside a bubble mailer.
Part condition: Very nice
Communication: None needed
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None.

I bought out most lots and still I wanted more.  It seems like there is lots of spread and little depth.  But even then I found very little in white that I was looking for.  I placed a couple dozen things in my cart and then noticed the shipping charge on the right.  Egads, my cart value and the shipping charge were equal!  I felt like I needed to keep adding to justify the shipping charge.  In retrospect, I should have used a different store altogether.  I completely neglected to look at the "Price + Shipping" feature for that key part.  Granted, there's no telling how much the other parts would have been in other stores but at least I got down to 10c per part.