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LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 10

A few quickies today. A Primo figure, in primo condition. Also a Duplo 4-wheeler. It's got an active suspension. The 3 year old boy is gonna love it!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 7

Story time! Last night I was working on completing one of the original Ninjago spinners sets. I noticed that the spinner itself is composed of no less than five individual pieces. I couldn't detach some of them without gouging the plastic, so I left it alone. I made a note to look for one on my next order.

Today on my LEGO Finds adventure what should I find but a generation 1 spinner. Just... like... I... wanted. Divine intervention? If not, it's an AWFULLY strong coincidence. Much like R2-D2 not that long ago. Not only that but there was a generation 2 spinner as well. Look for some more biopsy posts coming soon.

One of the wheel plates from the DUPLO plane a few weeks ago, plus Holley Shiftwell and a Primo block. The Friends spatula was a neat little find too. Plus a bunch more of the clones from last week.

LEGO Techniques - Gear With Studs

Quite a while ago I ran a series of posts describing the different sizes of Systems and how they all were part of the greater whole.  That is, bigger is still compatible with smaller.  In my wrap-up one astute reader noted that I had missed the stud sizes for gear such as salt and pepper shakers, minifig display cases, and clocks.  Finally, months later, here's another installation.

I bought a set of salt and pepper shakers more for the novelty than use in the actual kitchen.  That's a nice way of saying the Mrs. Dagsbricks would not let me use these in the kitchen but camping would be okay.  I'll pass on the dirt/ABS mashup.  So they are novelty items in my office space.  But while purchasing these I used them to test sizes of various "Gear" and discovered that there is consistency even in these large items.

To wit the 1x1 brick salt shaker:

Width: 47mm.  This is 8mm x 6 = 48mm - 1mm of tolerance.
Height: 57mm.  9.6mm x 6 = 57.6mm.  My calipers could be off a touch.
Stud Diameter: 29mm.  4.8mm x 6 = 28.8mm.
Stud Height: 11mm. 1.7mm x 6 = 10.2mm.  So apparently these studs are a touch high.

This comes in at the same size as Primo and Soft Bricks, six times LEGO System.  I've updated the chart with this new item.  Due to the height of Primo studs, they are only compatible in one direction with the gear.  You can stack Primo on top of gear but the other way 'round will be an exercise in frustration.

Practically there's very little value to this size other than novelty.  As with Primo there's no clutch to speak of.  But if you really wanted to you could create some sort of a megalith with your display cases and salt and pepper shakers, then topped off with whimsical Primo blocks.  But at that point you've got more free time and/or money than me.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 47

Another small score of big items this week.  More Primo blocks are always cool.  High on the coolness factor is the crane in pristine condition.  It only ever came in one set.  Now I can make some tow trucks for the boy.

LEGO Techniques - DUPLO Cactus

Not a very technical discovery and not a very long post but the DUPLO cactus caught my eye the other day and I decided to try it with some Primo.  Of course it fit like a glove.  Too bad those arms aren't more System designed.  They are about 18mm inside which fits a Bionicle Zamor Sphere nice and snug.  Don't blame me if yours gets stuck in there.

LEGO Techniques - System Sizes Wrap-up

Over the past several weeks I've been taking a look at different sizes of LEGO sub brands and comparing them to the System standard.  From little to big those have been Modulex, DUPLO, Quatro, Primo, and Tubs and Cups.  Unfortunately my collection is devoid of any Jumbo Bricks or Soft Bricks.  When and if I can get my hands on some I'll be sure to post about them.  From what I've seen on the interwebs, Jumbo is between DUPLO and Quatro in size while Soft Bricks are about the same size as Primo, stud notwithstanding.  Want to score mega bonus points with me?  Send me a yellow 2x2 Soft Brick and I'll gush about how wonderful you are in your very own blog post.

Some of these systems are immediately compatible with each other, some take a little more tinkering and ingenuity.  If you need a little help with size comparisons and what might fit where, take a look at the handy-dandy chart I created and made public.  If you have definitive dimensions to help fill any of the voids please feel free to share.  Jumbo Bricks and Soft Bricks could use the most help.

I feel like I did a good job of hitting all the sizes.  What else did I miss?

LEGO Tricks - A Primer on Primo

Continuing with our subject of big (and out of production) LEGO pieces, today we're going to play with some Primo.  In following the logic of naming conventions, this one's right out.  If LEGO is normal size, DUPLO makes sense as double size and Quatro makes sense as quadruple sized.  Primo (for those rusty in your Latin) would imply 'first' or 'one' and in my mind would be better suited for normal LEGO bricks.  Then again in following convention, Uno is probably rightly the proper word.  The use of Primo in this case would imply the first bricks you would get for your baby.  These are warehouse club sized bricks coming in at 6x the size of normal LEGO bricks.  A 1x1 Primo piece is the same size as a Minecraft module.

But in their German-type engineering spirit, the Primo pieces work almost seamlessly with System and DUPLO, not so much with Quatro.  (Which makes sense since the difference between those 2 scales is 1.5x).  They will however co-mingle on top of a DUPLO.

There is one awesome Primo brick that is 1x1 but instead of having a Primo stud on top has 4 DUPLO studs.  This is awesome because it reciprocates what is already possible.  Due to some sort of Divine Providence (Great Ole's ghost, no doubt), the anti-stud of a Primo brick fits perfectly over a grid of 2x2 DUPLO studs.  Incredible.

As if that wasn't enough of a bonus, there's more.  It'll cut a tin can, then a tomato with ease.  It'll even accept many 4x4 round pieces up its underside.  Plates, bricks, turntables, even the piece made famous by a recent Iron Builder challenge, the Bionicle Tridax Pod Half.  This latter piece is muy bueno for it almost acts as a ball and socket when used under a Primo with good clutch.  There's now only 1° between Bionicle and Primo.  Take that Kevin Bacon.

As big as they are shipping gets into the cost prohibitive range rather quickly.  I was lucky to obtain mine via an early LEGO Find.  But if you have a few in your collection you may enjoy using them in unusual ways.