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Set Review - Microfighters TIE Interceptor 75031

It just occurred to me that there is no series numbering system on these boxes.  Does that mean we get these six Microfighters on a market trial basis?  Or is The LEGO Company trying to rid itself of the confines of a series run?  Maybe they'll release another six when they feel like it.

Next in the line up is the TIE Interceptor.  Not the TIE Fighter.  Apparently the fighter didn't look good all microfied.  Probably looked like the X-Wing.  But really, what's the difference?  The Interceptor has four wings folded in and is black.  That's about it.  At this point I could /review and be satisfied.  But sometimes y'all like to see pictures and read more words.

The build is straightforward with very little of interest.  There are a few nifty parts (2x2 inverted tiles) but nothing that makes the set stand out.  And the fact that the overall look and feel is similar to the X-Wing left me saying "meh".

The part count is a little lacking compared to other sets in this line.  Where many of the sets are near 100 parts, this one hovers near 90.  I suppose if you are all gung ho about this specific Star Wars craft then you'll get it.  But if you're looking to one off a set here or there, I still recommend the Millenium Falcon.

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Set Review - Microfighters X-Wing Fighter 75032

When I first saw the Microfighters, the X-Wing was the least impressive.  Stubby is cute and all but this one looked TOO stubby.  Kind of like someone chibi-fied a VW Beetle.  After building it and studying the other ones I've built so far, I've come to a conclusion.  This series was intended to fit within a strict set of dimensions.  At least for width, ten studs seems to be the limit.  I'm not sure if there's a further planned development for this but it gets me thinking.

But it's not just width the suffers.  It's the length as well.  I'd venture that length was limited to a set number of studs also.  All except the Star Destroyer are ten studs or less in length.  So the X-Wing's iconic nose has been truncated to a mere three studs beyond the windscreen.  Between the two of these diminutive dimensions, the rebel fighter looks way more comical that the other two.

In my opinion, the build is not very memorable.  There's nothing stellar about any of the connections.  I've pretty much seen it all before.  One thing was new.  That is, the double stack flick-fire missile.  Here I was all thinking it was a great technique to replicate the blasters on the wings.  But no, it's a real functioning flick fire missile.  Well now isn't that just silly?  In the other two ships I reviewed, they were tack-on and unnecessary to the ship itself.  Here, they are part of the very fabric of the ship.  It's kind of a sacrilegious move.  I was especially disappointed after I realized the box art deceived me.  I thought maybe we were going to get the flick-fires in white.

On the plus side, we get some of those awesome 1x1 round plates with holes.  Donettes, if you will.  Plus some transparent dark pink 'dots' and a dark green R2 head.  Oh, and some of the 1x2 plates with a pin hole on top in white.  Those are a nice new shade for this part.  Overall, none of the parts seem too odd to use elsewhere.

At 97 pieces including a minifig, this falls right within the expected acceptable range of 10c per part.  There are only 4 extras included.  I would venture a guess that this will be the least selling set of the sub theme.  Collectors will want to have one.  Minifig collectors might get one for the new exclusive fig.  Or buy him on Brick Owl / Bricklink.  The casual LEGO buyer will probably wonder what this is though.  And kids will likely not be terribly pleased with Stubby McStubbison's Stub-Wing fighter.  Just a guess.

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Set Review - Microfighters Star Destroyer 75033

I guess I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the box art on this one.  I took a quick glance and figured this would be a drawn out version of the Jedi Starfighter.  Turns out I wasn't paying attention to the direction of the lips.  Instead of the 33° slopes I was expecting, this one is built with 65° slopes.  It's pretty striking actually.  Really outside the box.  I marveled over most of the build and the techniques that went into this one.  It's so full of SNOT that the set designer must have had a terrible cold while working on it.  Almost as much SNOT as the Planet Series Cloud Car.

Most of that SNOT is created with brackets.  As you may be aware, the vertical part of most brackets is a half plate of width instead of a full plate.  So anything laid on top doesn't quite sit flush and there isn't anything readily available to fill that gap.  As a result there are several half plate gaps all throughout the ship.  I'm gonna assume those are speed holes.  But some of the techniques are genius and it's fun to see some real variety in the builds.  At one point while testing the hull you might be concerned with how flimsy it is.  Rest assured, this was thought of.  The bottom is tied together with an assembly topped with some 2x2 tiles with half pin on top.  These click into some Technic brick holes that are worked into that hull and turn the thing into something that can withstand a small drop.

I was surprised to learn that sticking studs into a Technic Brick hole is considered a legal technique.  I had thought it was verboten.

There were some nice piece surprises in this set as well.  First is the dark bluish grey 3x3 plate.  I hadn't realized this existed yet.  Checking the "Comes In" portion of the BrickOwl or Bricklink catalog I see why.  I can't afford any of those other sets.  Of no surprise was the obligatory "i can haz flik-fierz".  Trending, I see.

With 93 parts + 4 extras and a minifig, $10 works well.  The set averages 2.3 parts per lot which if I recall is higher than normal.  If you need dark bley 1x2 - 2x2 brackets or light bley 65° slopes, this is the set to buy.  Overall it's certainly worthwhile as the build itself is fun and the accuracy is not TOO terribly off considering some of the other sets in this line.

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Set Review - Microfighters Millenium Falcon 75030

Ah, Star Wars, the eternal inspiration of LEGO sets.  It's amazing to me how many sets The LEGO Group can churn out and keep churning.  I suppose that's because we keep buying.  And as long as TLG keeps coming up with new subthemes, they'll continue to capture new and more audiences.  It's a shame the Planet Series didn't do as well as it apparently did, I was all over that one.  But in it's stead we are offered Micro Fighters.

Yeah, OK cool, whaddya got?

Micro Fighters are shrinkified vehicles with a full size minifig.  They're somewhat comical, somewhat chibi-ish, but at a price point we can all enjoy.  Assuming the price point is worth it.

The Millenium Falcon was my first choice for review.  It was my choice for coolest looking ship (which is probably the wrong end to start a series of six on).  The ol' MF has been reduced to eleven-ish (not elvish) studs wide by ten-ish studs long and about three-ish bricks high.  It is a touch smaller (though better looking) than the next closest version, the Mini 4488 from 2003.  The bottom is adorned in boat studs so you can slide it across the table, floor, or hood of your Landspeeder.  The rear end has a rather unique way of filling in the curve between the two quarter round plates.  The top rear uses cheese slopes rotated on studs to give the impression of the continuation of that curve up and over the back.

But then the flick-fires showed up.  Really, I mean really?  What in the world is the deal with that?  Are TLG set designers so afraid of missing the youngsters that they think flick-fires are the only way to draw them in?  It's kind of like putting flames on a brand new Mustang.  We already know it's awesome but the over the top addition really sent it hurtling down the other side.  Eh, whatever, I can always pull that assembly off, right?  It's not like it'll be a trend or anything.

At 90 parts, 8 extras, and a minifig, $10 seems like a right on deal.  It's also got the highest part out value of any of the first series Micro Fighters due largely to the 3x2 block wedges in bley, the trans light blue 1x1 plates, the awesome printed R5 head windscreen, and Mr. Solo himself.  That right there covers half the secondary value of the set.

Overall I'd say this set is better than watching elves playing tennis in trees.  ish.

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