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Set Review - Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282

With a name longer than the bag, this is one of the few non-exclusive, need to spend $10.75 + tax to get sets.  I got mine at TRU.  And the shocker of the year, it took longer to ring up because the cashier was looking for her copy of a 20% off LEGO coupon.  So instead of the advertised $4.99, I got it for $3.99.  Awesome!

Initially I was excited for the black and white scheme and the vague reminiscence to the flying police car in Bad Cop's Pursuit 70802.  The bummer is that this little set has no play features and nothing intentional in the way of moving parts.  Sure the cowlings on either side of the rear move up and down but only because they use hinges to effect the angle they are held at.

It looks good though.  It's got a nice swept look that would make even the bravest hero quake in fear.  But Emmet's no ordinary hero.  He's a scared hero.  And this is a robot police.  Obviously a recipe for cinematic hilarity.  And that robo-po-po is also brandishing a new sidearm, a rifle with a top clip.  It's sort of like a sight but likely is intended for things like sniper sights, tranq darts or a second barrel.

I'm a little interested in the use of the 3x2 plate with hole up front.  While I can appreciate the rounded look it gives the nose, it just looks too much like it's tow-hook ready in case it gets stuck in some nice red clay... um... mud?  And on the exact opposite end, the rear looks just like the Bat Tumbler.

At 40 parts (35 + minifig + about 5 extra parts) it's a little high priced.  Then again, it's a LEGO Movie set and it's exclusive to TRU (North America if not worldwide).  Therefore, I would expect to pay 20% above retail of an average price of 10c per part.  I suppose it's a non-issue on the low price of a polybag.  So you might as well buy one if you happen to be in the store anyway, right?