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Set Review - Arctic Snowmobile 60032

For Christmas, Mrs. DagsBricks asked the 3 year old son what he would like to get me.  Having recently played with my Arctic Scout surely played into his decision.  He figured the Snowmobile would make a nice gift for him. ;-)  On Christmas day when I puzzled a little over the gift, the wife explained the back story.  So of course the boy and the boy alone would help me build this.

I'll try to keep this post from being a brag session about my son.  At three and half years old, he assembled most of the set himself with little coaching from me.  He had the instructions in front of him but I would describe the next part (orange wing, big white piece).  He would then find it and attach it per the instructions, mostly correct.  For the drag trailer, I just showed him the final picture and he built from that.  Sharp, that one.

I had not intended to buy this set for myself, nor would I after building it.  As I've mentioned in the past, I'm not much of a City theme fan (though the Mining series was stellar).  At a price of $6.99 and only 44 pieces (and only 3 extras!), the price per piece count ranges up near 16c.  There's nothing exclusive or large about this set either, mostly normal pieces.  The rock in trans light blue is cool and the nose of the snowmobile is well done.  But the rear tracked section is brick built with a boat stud underneath.  A tread like this set's bigger brother, 60033 (Arctic Ice Crawler) would have been more appropriate.

Also, the handlebars are about a stud too high.  The box art shows the rider standing (which I've rarely seen unless accompanied by a "Hey y'all, watch this!").  We seated him on the vehicle and his arms look like he's riding a Custom City Chopper.

There's no denying that the Arctic Mining theme has some neat action going on.  I mean hey, it's got Polar Bears eating Sled Dogs!  But maybe wait until this one goes on sale or something.

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Set Review - Arctic Scout 30310

This little polybag (like so many others) evaded me for months.  Finally one of my LUG buddies found them and bought one for me on speculation.  His speculation was pretty good as I was more than willing to trade some other City polybag I had laying around.  I was pretty thrilled to get this one.

Something seemed odd about the set.  After a while it struck me.  While the rest of the Arctic explorers all come with fur lined hoods, this guy lacks one.  Despite the fact that he flies through the air creating his own wind chill in an open cockpit aircraft.  This is a bad case of hypothermia waiting to happen.  Then the crash and the polar bear feast.  Sounds like a major fail.  There is at leat a little bit of fur printed on the front of the torso.  Whether it's his uniform or from a polar bear escape, we are not told.

Overall I would give the craft maybe a 3.5 out of 5.  It's cute and fun but not highly sturdy and could have been designed a little better.  My 3 year old son helped me build this craft but it kept falling apart with his play.  He knows how to be careful and could be, but generally it will only tolerate gentle swooshing.  There is one printed piece, an orange 2x2x2/3 double half bow.  I rarely if ever see stickers in polybags so the printing should be expected.  It has the Arctic logo on it which is four pointed star over the northern bit of the globe.  It's a generic enough graphic that it could fit with several themes.

New with several other items are the landing gear.  These are like the minifig footgear but way bigger.  They are 1x6 in size with a Technic pin connector and two studs on the back.  Because the front half is flared a bit, a minifig cannot wear them.  These same skis are used throughout the subtheme on several of the models.

One last thing of note is an interesting connection that is rarely used.  A 1x2 brick is stuck to the underside of a 2x plate.  But instead of a normal connection, the brick studs connect to the bottom tubes of the plate.  Not revolutionary or breakthrough, but certainly rare in official LEGO models.

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