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LEGO Contest Results - Winner!

And it's over! I durn near forgot about this contest, being a Monday after a geekend and all.

Everybody had the part number right. I was looking for the 5 digit mold number, not the 7 digit element ID but either works. Only one person guessed that it could have been something other than black. Not that it matters since I wasn't judging color but good on ya! I was hoping someone might have been tripped up by part 85940 but maybe that's too obscure to fool anyone.

But it didn't matter. The spread of guesses was from 1,000 to 52,000; two people got nice and close. Congrats to Brett Johnston for guessing within 132 of the ordered amount! There were 8400 pieces in total and Brett guessed 8268. Runner up congrats go to Kurt Altschul with 8929, a mere 529 off.

I got in touch with Brett to get his prizes off to him. He told me he used the whole pi*r^2*L scheme to approximate. I'd say it paid off. Math, kids! Thanks to the rest of you for playing and stay tuned for what this huge bag o' liftarms is going to become! (It WILL be bigger than a breadbox...)

LEGO Finds - Contest!

(Contest is over. See results post here.)

I didn't find any free LEGO this week but there was another surprise that finally arrived. With any luck I'll have this project done for Bricks Cascade 2016.

Contest! This may be first ever contest. Guess the part number (easy) AND exact number of pieces (harder) in the photo below and I'll send you something cool. Probably a couple of Dag Bricks sets and my "Insider Secrets to Funding Your LEGO Hobby" ebook. I'll run the contest for about a week or until votes peter out.

Leave your guess as a comment below. One guess per person, only your first guess counts, must contain both items to qualify. The person closest to the supposed number (over or under) will be the winner. In the event of a tie, correct part number will be checked first, then a random selection will be used. You are free to ask any clarifying questions before placing your guess but this is pretty simple. No purchase necessary, a purchase will not increase your chances of winning.

If you were in any way involved in the acquisition of these parts or may be privy to the number of pieces included here, please do not spoil it for everyone else. I've not told anyone except for those who were there when I picked it up. (If you saw me that night with a box in my hand please refrain from entering. Sorry, I didn't think about having this contest until after.)

Ebook Cover Design Contest!

In the meantime, lest I completely ignore this blog, I am up to other things. For the last several months I have been working off and on writing a book entitled "Insider's Secrets to Funding Your LEGO® Hobby" (unofficially "How to sell LEGO®, make money, and always be happy!"). There is vague parody to The LEGO Movie throughout the book. I have been working on a cover design a little bit but thought I'd offer the core photo as a contest to the AFOL world.

Question: As the prize would be Bricklink or BrickOwl store credit and a free copy of the book ($10 value), how much store credit would be worth your time? Your name would also appear in the book as the cover artist.

I'm looking for something inspired by the photo below. A nice brick built background of something that looked like a store inventory would be awesome. Since this is for a book cover, photography skills will matter. Digital solutions would be acceptable so long as they were rendered well. Using others' IP is not okay unless it would clearly fall under the exception of parody. In that regard, please try to avoid any complete minifigs as they appear in the catalog.

The contest has not started yet, I'm just trying to see what the interest level is. I'll post an official thread for entries when I'm ready to commence.

LEGO Tricks - Building in the Bag

Here's a fun parlor trick.  If you've got a single bag set, try building it in the bag.  No tearing open the bag and dumping the contents out.  Use your mad skills to get the pieces to snap together.  This is especially fun with polybags where you can barely see what you're doing, or where the instructions might get in the way.  Likely candidates are the smaller Creator sets that have all parts in a single bag within the hard shell.  I've also done a couple of the Tiny Turbos this way too.  Though two sets after I started doing this, TLG cut the baggie and just put the parts loose in the hard shells.  It eventually came back in the Creator hard shells.

The hardest part about this pastime is not the build itself.  Rather, it's that static electricity builds up inside the bag from so much friction.  The static electricity affects tiny plastic pieces.  You might be shoving a cheese slope to the bottom when suddenly it rises up to the top of the bag!  Science!

This is often a contest at LEGO conventions.  Get your skills honed and whomp the competition.  I've taken anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to get one done depending on how much I've groped the bag.  Here are my personal wins:

Those bags get awfully crinkly and the stickers are durn near impossible to apply.