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Set Review - Demolition Driller 30312

I finally played good Dad and let one of the kids build a set with me. Mrs. Dagsbricks and the girls were off to an event so the boy and I had some bonding time. I pulled out the Driller promo polybag and his eyes lit up brighter than a Vegas sign. I poured out all the pieces and then dictated to him while he built the whole thing himself. He's 3-1/2, mind you. Duplo Schmuplo.

The build is fairly basic but very sturdy. Given the color and function I was reminded of the less than stellar Mining Dozer though it's more similar to the Mining Quad. The overall construction reminds me of the Repair Lift. This one has the distinction of using the new black ice cream cone.

The premise of the vehicle is simple: break stuff. The driver operates a short boom arm that has a small engine on the end. The package art shows the black ice cream cone being used as a sort of hammer drill. What they don't show you is that the set also contains both a chainsaw blade and a mechanical arm. The coolest part is that you can swap out the drill for the claw or the sawblade. Now you can break up concrete AND take down a monster zombie horde!

I appreciate the new Demolition subtheme that's coming out but it doesn't quite grab me like the Mining subtheme did. These two sets would make a good blend though. I plan to add the driller to my mining layout for added rock breaking value.

These are still available through Shop@Home when you purchase $35 or more.