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Set Review - Mini Golf 30203

In retrospect, I suppose I should have reviewed Shop at Home's January promos in January.  Not that you could have gotten them in week 2.  Apparently the Slave I drove so many sales that the promos were wiped out after about 8 days.  Thankfully I was able to get a few to review.

The Friends subtheme takes a pleasant departure from roadside vending to have a little fun!  I love me some mini-golf (or putt-putt as some might say).  I was thrilled to see this little vignette of a past pastime.  My one grief is how small it is though.  I figured that I could make my own portable course out of pieces of 4'x8' plywood.  A decent small hole would need to use 3 pieces.  If we assume a relative scale with this set, it's a single piece of plywood, that is, less than an 8' putt.  That's like nothing.  And the windmill obstacle is cute but the blades don't come near enough to stopping the ball.  It's like an "everybody wins" course.  I'll bet the green slopes all the way to the cup as well.

So I had to embiggen it.  Per my previous standard it needs to be at least 3 4x8 pieces for the green, and maybe a little more of a challenge.  I grabbed an 8x8 plate, and added a curve to it.  Now THAT is much better.  Pity our poor little girlfriend can't grip the club properly.  About that club.  Don't you think a hatchet or a hammer or even a hockey stick would have worked better?

Let's see your mini-golf expansions!  Post a pic on Flickr and link to it here or tag me in it.