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Seller Review - Bricks and Pieces

About 6 months ago I threw a little curveball to these reviews by adding The LEGO Company's online Pick a Brick to the mix.  The review was OK but it's not my first choice.  Sometime afterwards I learned about Bricks and Pieces which is the formal name given to the missing parts service.  If you receive a new set and the headlight brick is cracked or the print on a wedge is smeared or a 1x1 light bluish gray plate is just plain missing, Bricks and Pieces can help you replace it.  What you won't be able to purchase are any pieces that are considered licensed, such as Super Heroes weapons, Star Wars torsos, or Krusty Krab menus.  Many pieces that are currently in production can be found here.  The prices are not set per part in 5c increments like PaB either.  I recently purchased some pieces that were 16c each while an acquaintance spent 67c on another particular piece.  So far all reports are that shipping is a flat $2.95.  And this coming from Denmark.

Seller: Bricks and Pieces
Feedback (at time of writing): n/a
Feedback Ratio: n/a
Location: Denmark
Prices: Vary.  Can be higher or lower than 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 1 lots, 200 pieces.
Condition: 100% New.
Shipping Charge: 1 part or 1000 appears to be $2.95
Extra Fees: None
Final Cost per Part: $0.17

Order Date: Sep 20
Invoice Date: n/a
Payment Date: Sep 20
Shipping Date: Sep 20
Delivery Date: Sep 28

Order Details
Why this store: Needed a bunch of some rarer parts.  Wanted to give this service a try.
Packaging: Much like online PaB, all dumped into one big baggie and shipped in a bubble mailer.  A packing slip was included.
Part condition: Like new
Communication: Quick and professional
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: Three extra pieces.  Must be using a slightly buyer-favored counting scale.

Using this service is a little bit hands on.  You choose your parts online and then receive an invoice via email.  You then have 2 weeks to call in and pay for the order.  If you decide you don't like the prices, ignore it and you'll have no further obligation (as I did on another order).  Otherwise you give your payment info over the phone and voila, parts on their way.  The online system will allow you to select up to 200 copies of any given element.  Not sure how to get around this other than asking the customer service rep to increase it.  I see no reason why you couldn't.  In fact the email I received encouraged me to add to my order over the phone if I couldn't find what I wanted.  So I guess I could have ordered 400 or 10,000 of the same pieces if I had the need (and thick enough billfold).  Shipping time was way better than expected for a postal package from Denmark to the US, only about a week.  And WAY better than an online PaB order which goes via DHL.  While I could ignore PaB and not miss it, I think the replacement parts service is a much better way to get what you need with fairer prices and faster service.  Be warned though, when talking to the rep it helps to know your 6 and 7 digit codes.  Pull up Brickset to have on hand if needed.