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LEGO Techniques - Donuts!

My pile of the new round tile with hole took a little longer to acquire than I had hoped hence the delay.  When I first saw this part in the new Parisian Restaurant reviews, I knew this would change the face of building.  Maybe not the entire face but at least some of the less vital parts; ears, hair, etc.

This new part 15535 is sort of a refinement to the earlier Exo-Force 53993 disc.  That disc maintained a happy 3.2mm of typical system thickness but has a diameter of 13mm as opposed to a more responsible 16mm.  There are reasons for this diminutive dimension I'm sure but much like the similarly small gingerbread man head, I haven't deduced it.  Part 15535 allows for normal clutch connections (much like it's ancestor the round tile).  But it also allows for anything of a 4.8mm variety to be stuck in the middle.  Appropriate bits include studs and technic pins.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is just a small sample in 5 minutes of some of the possibilities.  I can see these parts getting a lot of mileage in the very near future.  Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my US-ian readers.