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LEGO Techniques - Minifig Tools

Missed my Wednesday deadline again, no LEGO Finds or Seller Reviews this week, so this oughta sneak nicely into Thursday.

After playing around with the City Park Garbage Golf Cart from a couple of weeks ago, I found some fascinating dimensional attributes. Working with little more than the minifigs implements I discovered some neat new connections. It's obvious that the handles are bars that can fit into clips (and minifig "claws"). But did you know:

The broom end is perfectly sized to fit inside a 1x2 plate? The actual bristles are the same height as a plate so when you cap it there's still a little bit of bristle showing. It'll fit all the way into a brick.

The shovel end is just wide enough to accept a 1x almost anything? And the sides are just long enough that whatever you fit in has a nice snap and is secure. The actual dimensions of the inside of the shovel are about 7.8mm x 8.2mm. The thickness of the shovel is about 1.6mm, just enough to slide wherever you would expect panel walls to fit.

Spaceship greeblies! Go!