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Set Review - Tractor 30284

I got friends with tractors, y'know. But I ain't never seen one like this. If you're a tractor fan you may have a hard time placing this make and model. Closest I could find was a Case International 955... with a paint job, modded exhaust and open cab design. Not sure what that's about. This was a TLG S@H promo way back in fall. Maybe it was released to celebrate fall tillage? I'm still unclear on the whole thing.

From the pictures that were leaked at the beginning of 2015 I got all excited about more mini tractors. Building was sort of a joy but 51 pieces really goes fast. Not only do you get a tractor but like the picture promises, a tiller. Most of the time I would expect a tiller (or any attachment) to have a 3-point hookup so that it could follow the tractor when it turns. This (like so many other failed connections) is built with simple droid arms allowing up and down. Sure, these attachments will go up and down but that's not all. Is it? Have I been disillusioned this whole time?

As usual my build includes the extra pieces in a few places to enhance it from the original. It's too late to get the promo from TLG but you could get one on Bricklink. They're barely above $3 and available for almost down to $2. You might even be able to build it with pieces from your collection. Nothing fancy here.

Hey, there's a contest going on! One of those classic "guess the pieces" but you don't get the pieces. I'll give you something else cool though if you win.