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Set Review - Batman Tumbler 30300

After the dismal failure of the Batmobile last year, we can only hope for better things from this DC Super Hero.  Thankfully, we have the Tumbler new for 2014.  What makes a good Tumbler model?  Black and chunky?  Check!  Large rear tires?  Checkity check!  Dual windshield?  Check diddley somewhat check!  Boat stud underneath?  Checka-wha?

So TLG certainly did much better with the Tumbler than they did with the Batmobile.  However with very little room left underneath pretty much anything would be better.  Now, please do not get me wrong as this is not a terrible rendition.  It's just that it doesn't completely grab me.  I might not be so much one to criticize except that I have a tendency toward things micro.  To that end I feel I have something along the lines of a niche or dare I say an expertise.  Or the ability to check Cuusoo.

Most of the model is done well.  But there are a few grievances.  First, the windshield just isn't right.  It should be down lower.  I swapped the trans-black cheese slopes with the black ones just above.  It's better but requires a redesign as the trans-black cheeses are now too far apart.  Second, the front wheels are connected as a normal car not from the outside as they should be.  Now, granted this is very difficult on a small scale but not impossible.  TLG has taken to many AFOL techniques lately but they still hold back on some key ones.  The smaller 8mm wheels are easily replaceable with 1x1 round plates, AKA dots.  This then gives an opportunity for some SNOT connections back to the main body.

Yes, these wheels roll

However some of the connections on here are quite fabulous and overall I am impressed with the size of the build and the general shape and features.  Technic bricks used for their hollow studs allowing offsets have been seen in other models and continue to be used here.

My biggest complaint though, as on the Batmobile, is color.  Isn't this the flagship ride of the Dark Knight?  Why then, pray tell, can I easily spy dark and light bley, as well as tan!?  And then there's this pearl gold bit across the top of the rear stabilizer.  Did they overproduce the 1x2 grille tile for Ninjago?  Really, all this color needs to go.

In all it's unglory

For those of you who are Batman fans, this is a no-brainer.  For the polybagger, you'll probably get this as well.  The occasional impulse purchaser may even pick one up.  The ever vigilant purist may be a bit disappointed though at the overall product and will likely take to modifying the official build.  Or see here for a much better overall build.

If you can't find this set elsewhere, I have a few extras for sale.

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