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Set Review - Mikey's Mini Shellraiser 30271

When I first discovered this set on Brickset many months ago I was thrilled.  The TMNT line has done nothing for me.  But microfy anything and I'm in.  So when I received an alert that this was available, I was thrilled that I hadn't missed it.

So I ordered a few and started building one.  As soon as I dumped the pieces out I felt disappointed.  Of course, I could see right away how it would look like the full size set.  But as I mentioned in my last TMNT set review, this new Nickelodeon series is not at all what I was expecting.  I wanted more old school stuff.  Does that give away my age?  Sit down kiddies.  'Bout the time ol' grampa Dag was in junior high, I used to come home from school (uphill in the snow, both ways) and sit in front of my television, manually turn on the machine, manually turn the knob to channel 13 and watch me some heroes in a half shell.  And we liked it that way!  It's all different now and different is bad! </old man rant>

So anyway, the real disappointment was seeing how simply the Shellraiser was put together.  The main body consisted of a pair of 2x2 yellow bricks.  The big set has so much more bling and blang on the front that I figured a couple of plates with some olive green in the middle would have been appropriate.  And maybe the designer lobbied for that.  But given that the part count was already up to 47 there wasn't much wiggle room left for more parts.

But if they'd been looking to shave pennies, they could have lightened up on the extras.  All the expected 1x1 pieces are extra'd, but so is the red tap and the small wheel.  Maybe they have been in some other sets but I'm not familiar with these pieces as extras.  There's a total of six extras, could have been four.

But what's really missing (if you want to microfy the whole set 79104) is Dogpound's pizza delivery truck.  I slapdashed one together to give Michelangelo something to ram his little RC toy into.  A total of 22 more pieces, not quite enough to make another worthwhile polybag.  So maybe it needs another vehicle but I ran out of inspiration.  Or my muse ran out on me.

If I'm counting correctly, this is only the second TMNT polybag.  I don't count the Flashback Shredder promo.  In that regard, this might be a hot item to pick up.  That coupled with the micro aspect (in my mind at least) make this a must have set.  Plus, you get a turtle for less than secondary market value.  If you can't find the set at retail, then you'll have to settle for $10+ on the grey market.

And if minis aren't your thing then maybe you'd like to check out the latest releases from LEGO:

Set Review - Turtle's Little Paradise 41041

Welcome back, Friends' Animals!  It's been a while, near six months to be exact since I last reviewed one of these animal polybags.  I was sort of excited to see back in January that TLG was going to be releasing 2 more waves in 2014.  Excited because it means more fodder for the review cannon, sort of because they're not exactly my cuppa.  But everything can't be all Star Wars and impulse purchases, eh?

This is not the first time that these little sets have repeated an animal.  This is an outright reuse though.  With a new paint job.  I have to wonder if some special rights or special interest group complained ala my last review since this turtle is no longer a natural color.  Even with the help of the intergoogs I could find no such thing as a real purple turtle.  Or medium lavender.  So apparently this was an albino turtle that accidentally got tie-dyed.  I assume that's the inspiration for the shell design.  That or a bad wig.

The paradise itself is a great little micro build with a gargantuan reptile.   I tend to go for more repetition of parts myself.  But with a little brown, grey, blue and green a nice little waterfall, pool, and stone outcropping was designed.  Throw in a splash of color and some snail eyes for a snack and this looks like a peaceful little place to get some respite as a Survivor survivor.

This set has 43 pieces + 5 extras.  For $3.99 you get 48 pieces at about 8c apiece.  There are a few good repeats, such as the 1x2 light bley palisade bricks, the brown 1x1 round bricks, and the dark pink flower plates.  But there's nothing that you can't get a better deal on in bulk.  For a display piece this is kind of relaxing to look at.  I'm not sure how you would use it as a playset.  Thirty-seven year old men with goatees aren't exactly the target audience.  But I'm sure as soon the daughters see it, they'll want to attempt sending the turtle down the mud slide, or maybe sticking him on top of the tree.

Get in on the beachy fun:

Set Review - Turtle's Little Oasis 41019

When LEGO introduced their Friends animal polybags, I wasted no time in slapping down my hard earned Bricklink dollars for all three.  This is the third and final Friends polybag review.  For now.  Because you know that as soon as Series 2 comes out I'll be all over it like TFOLs at a Bionicle revival convention.  No offense meant to TFOLs or Bionicle, of course.

There are few notable new parts in here save for the turtle her/him/itself.  It's a cute little mold with gorgeous blue eyes that just say, "love me, hold me, pet me."  The idea of giving a sea reptile a ribbon seems to be in direct opposition to any recommendation from the World Wildlife Foundation.  To a turtle that thing must look like a jellyfish hors d'oeuvre.  Put those two things in the same coral reef together and I guarantee the ribbon will end up down the turtle's throat.  Or around it.  Or both.  At least the medium azure 4x6 plate is non-controversial.

The Polynesian style hut is very cute and solid and makes me wish for a mai-tai.  The girls and I built it per instructions without any issue (or mai-tai).  There were several rounds of turtle climbs (?) up the ladder, the door gets closed, door gets opened, turtle climbs out.  This was accompanied by already high pitched voices going even higher to replicate a turtle's voice.  Hilarious.

LEGO's generosity with the extra parts was a good selection.  They give you a bonus telescope and cone as well as two trans dark pink 1x1 plates.  We used these bits to make a little tiki torch that attached to the clip on the swordleaf.  There is also an extra tan grill tile that I put on top of the leaf to replicate some sort of bamboo-ness.

In every one of these sets LEGO has included two extra ribbons for a total of three.  In this set all three ribbons are supposed to be lavender but we had some color variation to the point that I thought one was light pink.  Rare ebay sale perhaps?

As with the other two sets, definitely buy at least one of these for your household.  With a half dozen of these you could make a mega oasis mansion for your spoiled pet turtle.  Except then you'd have 5 more turtles and a host of dangerous ribbons that you would have to contend with.  Better make sure you don't make waves with the WWF.