Bricklick Seller Review - ZOLCIASZEKPLUS

Does judgement come in grades?  Sometimes we are told to use our better judgement.  "Yeah, sorry, I only used my good judgement.  But good call, this situation is not worth my best judgement.  I'll reserve that for something like college selection, spouse selection, or fantasy football selection.  This car purchase should only use my good judgement."  Hmm...  Well, anyway, against my better judgement, I made a purchase.  Why?  I'll tell you why!  Usually I hand select sellers that have already proven themselves fabulous to buy from.  Occasionally I'll select someone who I would normally not.  When Zolcia posted a good quantity of wanted list items, I took a look.  It had been a few hours and the price had gone up 50%(!) from the original wanted list ping.  I immediately made a frowny face and walked away.  But then the seller relisted the lot a week later at the original price and it stayed there.  Now, business practices are one thing, but feedback adds another.  Let's see how it all pans out.

Feedback (at time of writing): 2672
Feedback Ratio: 99.48% positive (decent to be sure)
Location: Poland
Prices: Around average, maybe higher

My Order
Order Size: 199 items, 8 lots
Condition: 100% Used
Shipping Charge: Well stated in store terms
Extra Fees: 5%
Other: Min buy $25; Lot limits, 3EUR value per lot.
Final Cost per Part: $0.21

Order Date: Oct 17
Invoice Date: Oct 18
Payment Date: Oct 18
Shipping Date: Oct 22 (Marked as shipped on 21, postmark was 22)
Delivery Date: Oct 30

Order Details
Why this store: Wanted list (re)ping.  Had a few other amazing treasures too.
Packaging: Each lot wrapped in a thin plastic shopping type baggie, all placed in another larger bag, then a Tyvek bubble mailer.
Part condition: Overall good.  A few bite marks here and there.
Communication: None
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: One missing piece, minor wear.  Not worth complaining about.

This was an order with good parts, reasonable prices, decent scheduling, and little issues.  I'm still in the 80's when it comes to world politics.  The iron curtain and the East Bloc are long gone and those countries east of Germany are every bit as modern as most of the rest of Europe.  Pretty much.  I've always had some concerns about Eastern Europe but this being my second or third order from there, I'm becoming convinced that it's a fine place to order from.  Every seller should stand on their own merit.  And while this transaction wasn't remarkable (and extra fees always turn me off) I can't say that there is any major reason not to shop here again.

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