Set Review - Format Change

For almost three years now I've been writing about LEGO and it's been a most fulfilling blog experience. I get way more hits and interaction than I do on my house design blog. And for most of that time I've been watching you as you interact with this site.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to review the smaller polybag LEGO sets. I get a kick out of building these little morsels and wanted to share that with you. Well guess what? You don't care! My set review posts continue to sit near the bottom of the pile waiting for someone to read them. Meanwhile drivel like rebuilding a 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon on the cheap get horded and ogled like the Kardashians. Go figure,

Since Mondays are difficult to plan blog posts for (I've got all weekend! I'll get to it... oh crud) and since nobody's reading, and since I'm starting to expand in other areas of web writing and business, I've decided to scale the set reviews back. Waaay back! You may have already noticed them falling off over the last few months. I'll still have a few of them planned such as the Bricktober marathon and my yearly Star Wars Advent calendar rag. Maybe something in the first half of the year as well.

In the meantime keep selling me things because I plan to keep the Bricklink and BrickOwl seller reviews alive. And the techniques may be a touch spotty but those are popular too. I've got a couple of throwbacks planned that will hopefully inject new life into a dead sub brand.

Oh what else am I writing about? Well I wrote this ebook, see? And part of the deal is that readers of the book can subscribe to an email list where I break down sets and see if they are worth the part out value. It's all very interesting. There's a reason I rarely part out Chima. So I'll analyze sets, give you an objective result and tell you whether you should buy it or not to part out into your Bricklink or BrickOwl store. But you have to read the book to join. Hope to see you there!

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 47

Quite the haul this week. A massive amount of DUPLO, mostly from sets 10538, some 4665 plus a working siren! Also some liftarms, an older style finger puppet and a crayon someone molded from the minifigure ice cube tray.

LEGO Contest Results - Winner!

And it's over! I durn near forgot about this contest, being a Monday after a geekend and all.

Everybody had the part number right. I was looking for the 5 digit mold number, not the 7 digit element ID but either works. Only one person guessed that it could have been something other than black. Not that it matters since I wasn't judging color but good on ya! I was hoping someone might have been tripped up by part 85940 but maybe that's too obscure to fool anyone.

But it didn't matter. The spread of guesses was from 1,000 to 52,000; two people got nice and close. Congrats to Brett Johnston for guessing within 132 of the ordered amount! There were 8400 pieces in total and Brett guessed 8268. Runner up congrats go to Kurt Altschul with 8929, a mere 529 off.

I got in touch with Brett to get his prizes off to him. He told me he used the whole pi*r^2*L scheme to approximate. I'd say it paid off. Math, kids! Thanks to the rest of you for playing and stay tuned for what this huge bag o' liftarms is going to become! (It WILL be bigger than a breadbox...)