Announcement - Facebook Official

It's official. Rather than running some occasional LEGOry through my personal page, there's now a dedicated Facebook page for Dag's Bricks. As my publicity is increasing it only makes sense to make my art easier to find. After last Friday's fashion show it seems like new mountains are coming. Go follow and enjoy the ride with me!

Announcement - The LEGO Bowtie

If you'll remember, I built a LEGO dress for my wife. But I also outfitted myself to match her with a LEGO built pair of glasses, belt, and bowtie. That bowtie has become a replicable item. With the leftover parts from the dress I was able to create 6 more LEGO bowties. They are available as a limited first run in my Etsy store. Perfect for a wedding party, geeky prom or grad gift.
See how amazing it looks? When I wear it to events I get nothing but smiles and positive reactions!

Bricklink Seller Review - Recycled Brick

The final push. Full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes! Ain't nothing gonna stop me, not even a piece priced out of my comfort zone. When it gets close to go time, nothing else matters. Git 'er dun at all costs. I suppose that's the benefit of being the last seller to a convention builder who is frantically finishing. Twice the price? Whatever, I gotta have it and this one's got it! Hmm, might need these and these and these. Not enough of those, I'll buy something similar and see which I like best. Yeah. Poor timing is one buyer's loss and another seller's gain. Not that I'm bitter at all. Hey, it was me who got lazy until the end. I'm just glad someone had my back.

Seller: Recycled Brick
Feedback (at time of writing): 2684
Feedback Ratio: 99.92% positive (two neutrals ever)
Location: United States, California
Prices: Average

My Order
Order Size: 115 items, 35 lot
Condition: 76% Used
Shipping Charge: Actual which is pretty amazing for a California seller.
Other: none
Final Cost per Part: $0.21

Order Date: Feb 16
Invoice Date: Feb 17
Payment Date: Feb 17
Shipping Date: Feb 17
Delivery Date: Feb 22

Order Details
Why this store: This was the second frantic final order before Bricks Cascade. Plus there were a lot of neat parts to finish some older sets.
Packaging: Parts cordoned smartly into zip baggies then gathered and mummified in bubble wrap, then in a bubble mailer. Business card included.
Communication: polite
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: missing one Modulex brick which was inconsequential. Seller chose to refund plus send a variant in its place.

Notable because of the exact shipping and no fees for a California seller. Something about sellers from that state results in a large percentage of them putting a fat thumb on the shipping scale. This seller also has Modulex which is a fun addition to any order and rare for a US seller. Great communication, selection and speed puts this on my favorites list.