Set Review - The Ghost TRU promo

Toys'Arrr'Us sure has been playing a prominent role in my acquisition program lately. This time it was simple. A LUG buddy picked up a copy of the micro Ghost promo for me. I had seen the ship on the blogosphere the week before and even though I don't care a Bantha's hair about Rebels, I am a bit of a microscale fan. So it was very cool of my friend and very exciting to receive a copy of the build.

Almost a copy.

I have to wonder if this was a well planned promo. I mean, think about it. It's October. It's BRICKtober. It's a ghost. Let it sink in a moment.

The build was nothing fancy, lots of straight stacking with one step asking you to put a plate's underside pegs into the hollow studs of another piece. But despite the simple build, the design is really accurate in aesthetic. I was... impressed. Kudos to the designer. The best part of the build is on the back where you stick a 1x2 plate with a single finger click hinge. You just KNOW there's going to be a micro build of the Phantom to dock up to. The question is, when?

Back that thing up!
So all hail to TLG for this great little design but sucks to your assmar to TRU. I couldn't actually build my ship all the way because they had forgotten a few pieces. All four white 1x1 plates were missing as was the crucial docking apparatus. Apparently TRU is the Empire and they are trying to undermine the Rebels' mission.  More sadly, I didn't have a black one to steal from anywhere.  A click hinge, a click hinge, my cause for a click hinge!

Missed the event or don't have as good of friends as me? Instructions below.

LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 42

Only one item this week.  And it's not even made by LEGO!  Official Iris Brand Ninjago storage case.  No baseplate in it anymore.  Of course, there are only baseplates in half of them at the store anyway.  This will be perfect for MY baseplates and all my large bulk of overflow parts.

LEGO Techniques - Dag Bricks Update

I've been having a blast (as has my LUG) playing around with an ever growing assortment of 4x pieces.  But something has been missing, nagging at me to get done.  I finally started messing around a bit and built a nice solid foundation.

Then I had to build off of this.  My LUG was having a Halloween themed show and tell for our October meeting.  Prizes were to be given out!  Who was I to miss this?  First I had to select my model.  Then I put on my pants and coat and thought a bit about the upper extremities.  Both function and form were important.  Of course everything had to work within the system.  Not only that, but I wanted everything to follow the system.  I also wanted there to be diversity so I had to very carefully consider piece usage.  The end result is still a work in progress, but I'm very happy with it.

Of course, what's the best way to stave off a zombie attack?  Dismemberment!  There are two different arm designs but I think the left one works better, or will as soon as I come up with a better hand design.  I was pretty thrilled with the hand design on the right (robot arms on a droid body) until I found it had been used back in 2009 on a Tom and Jerry MOC.  Oh well.  I'd still like to perfect it as it doesn't grip very well.  Some of you may feel that this has been done before.  The late and amazing Count Blockula had built a big fig before his passing.  But with all due respect, it's not exactly a perfectly scaled rendition.  It's stretched a touch here and there to look good.  I want both form AND function within the system.

Now to figure out head gear.

Oh yeah, and Cthulhu won.  He ALWAYS wins.