LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 17

Again with the single piece finds. I now have about 4.2 miles of Duplo track.

Set Review - Microfighters ARC-170 75072

Thank Great Ole that the Friends stuff is over. I don't think I can handle another round of preschool animals anymore. On to Star Wars, those crazy Star Wars!

Star Wars Microfighters is now in its second iteration and I have to say... I'm a little less than impressed. Bunch o' clone wars. I get it, younger audience and all. But I'll be chibied, this is fun stuff. Let's go in numerical order his time around and start with the ARC-170 Starfighter, whatever that is. Oh wait, I did this one as a mini a while back. To read my thoughts on the ship, press here. To read my thoughts on this set, scroll on.

I built the ship while watching the pilot for Daredevil on Netflix. Those items are completely unrelated except that I know for a fact, every time I see this little build, I will think of Daredevil. Something about multi-tasking and connecting neural pathways.

This chibi is actually slightly less impressive than the micro build. The engine intakes on the micro or dark red. On here they are white. There is a printed round 2x2 tile for the intake, but it's printed on white instead of dark red. Sure, there's a hairline of dark red print on the edge but a full color tile would have looked nicer followed by 2 white (not dark bley) round plates.

The main wing ends of the chibi build have grill tiles on them. Maybe it's an attempt at greebling but I don't see it on any official pictures elsewhere. The wing guns are very simple and I'd like to see another part or two used to add the secondary smaller gun. The rear of the build incorporates a 1x1 plate with clip. I have no idea why other than to imagine that maybe it's a spot to stow the blaster.

There are some cool new parts in the build! First, some of the 1x2 plates with technic hole down. As I mentioned earlier, the printed tile. The vent is generic enough to be used in train, city, and space builds. The helmet style has been around for about 5 years but the red and yellow stripe pattern on this are pretty cool. You could almost use it for a race car driver or any other more generic futuristic helmet use.

At 95+6 parts for $9.99 this set falls right in the expected dime per part range. I guess I couldn't ask for much more as it satisfies my Star Wars and/or micro cravings. That and it's flush with dark red which always makes my pupils dilate.

Bricklink Seller Review - Eye for Bricks

Have you ever considered your own world view? I don't mean regarding politics or religion or economics. I mean things like a cup of coffee. How many different countries have you had a cup of coffee in? It can be quite different around the world. I think too many people in the LEGO world have a very limited world view. Shipping is how much? Where's my order, is the seller a scammer? Why's this piece so expensive. Like many things, LEGO can be a great gateway to expanding your world view... if you let it.

Seller: Eye for Bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 6157
Feedback Ratio: 98% positive (several old negs and neutrals)
Location: Netherlands, Noord Holland
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 93 items, 15 lots
Condition: 75% Used
Shipping Charge: Exact postage
Extra Fees: €1.25 for packaging under €25, paypal fees
Other: Mandatory Track&Trace for orders over €25
Final Cost per Part: $0.20

Order Date: Feb 23
Invoice Date: Feb 24
Payment Date: Feb 24
Shipping Date: Feb 25
Delivery Date: Apr 11 (whoa, what?)

Order Details
Why this store: Had some parts for a commission that I had forgotten to order the first time around.
Packaging: All combined into 2 baggies, then in a thin cardboard box.
Part condition: Fine, had to remove a mark from one expensive piece. +1 for pink eraser!
Communication: Light
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None

Through no fault of the seller's, shipping time took over 6 weeks. I was pretty non-chalant about it, despite the fact that I had to borrow pieces from other projects and friends. The seller never bothered to check in though and was sure to let me know at one point that since I had chosen the non-trace method that he was not responsible. I would like to know what his reaction is when orders take 6 weeks to arrive. Seller has left no less than 34 negs and 157 neutrals for other members. I guess I'm glad I didn't complain lest I would have received a neutral. Maybe the seller needs to be less reactive and more proactive?