Announcement - LEGO Camps!

Announcement! Mondays are now announcement days. That is all.

Oh, no wait. There was something else. Ah! Remember last week when I mentioned my 42lb FREE LEGO haul? I had started planning to do an after school LEGO club at my kids' school. I started talking it up everywhere I went. A lady who works at the organization where I get my LEGO Finds from is a fellow AFOL. Lo and behold she used to teach LEGO classes. I was mentioning the need to get some used brick for the kids to use. She suggested that she had a lot of old LEGO sitting in her shed that I could HAVE for my classes. Cool, thanks!

Well she brought it in the next week. It was a huge tote plus another half size tote both filled. It weighed in at 42lbs. I then proceeded to go through and see what was in there and sort for my classes. It was full of Pirates and Castle and Classic Space. Sorry, I should have taken some pics but I didn't. I set all the MegaBlock and other clones, army men and marbles aside. Weigh out minus the bins was 32lb of pure Danish ABS.

With her permission I assembled a few of the old sets to sell. The money from these sales will go towards further funding my after school LEGO classes. You can find these sets in my Bricklink and BrickOwl stores.

But this story takes another step. The after school class is a means to create and hone some curriculum that I can use to teach LEGO Camps over Spring and Summer Breaks. If you are in the Portland OR area or know someone who is, consider signing your kids (or their kids) up for my camps!

Bricklink Seller Review - A Brick World

I'm sure you've got a friend on Facebook who posts nothing but clickbait and memes on their wall, maybe even tags you in them. I don't, I've unfriended all those people. For instance, did you know that if you watch the Original Trilogy you can swap out "the force" for "the pants" with hilarious results! May the pants be with you! Ha! lulz! I was reminded of this when I started subconciously doing another swap out and realizing eerie similarities. It starts out. "I'm a bricky girl, in a bricky wo-o-orld..."

Seller: A Brick World
Feedback (at time of writing): 11283
Feedback Ratio: 99.96% positive (1 negative ever)
Location: USA, Georgia (peachy)
Prices: Above average

My Order
Order Size: 331 items, 18 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: Actual plus 50c to 90c
Other: $6 order minimum
Final Cost per Part: $0.12

Order Date: Dec 31
Invoice Date: Dec 31
Payment Date: Dec 31
Shipping Date: Dec 31
Delivery Date: Jan 4

Order Details
Why this store: Who else has (had) mass amounts of dark pink wedges?
Packaging: Lots mixed into three baggies, all in cardboard box. Apparently they didn't have a bubble mailer big enough. I checked and a 6x9" just didn't quite make it. The box increased the shipping by 2 more ounces.
Part condition: Very Good
Communication: Polite
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: Uses the term "legos" in their Drive Thru notice and "Lego's" on their business card. :-)
Issues: none

Prices were a bit high. Even with a 25% discount. At regular price I don't think I'd shop here. But the selection was good and the discount made prices reasonable. Mostly. There were some things I wanted that even at 25% were higher than average. So I passed. Coupled with the handling/packaging/whatevering charge and liberal lot mixing I'll likely not be back. Sorry Terminator.

LEGO Finds - 2016 Week 6

Back at it. I've missed sharing a few things like the 30+lbs of free LEGO I was given. But that has a backstory for another article. This week I found these small gemlets. Half a Spider-trike, a bald Friend and a book with a LEGO logo on it. Turns out it was official Bionicle fan-fic. I'm about halfway through reading it. I have... no idea what I'm reading. Sometimes I think it's a cookbook but then there's fight scenes. So it's more like The Mafia Cookbook. I'm not sure. Maybe it's a motorcycle manual.