Set Review - Blue Racer 31027

I suppose you could say that there are an infinite number of building sets available to be created.  If you consider a valid set to start at 5 pieces, you could select from the entirety of, say, 50,000 unique pieces (not counting printed parts or minor variations) and get 3.125e+23 different sets.  That's like 31 sextillion (or trilliard, depending on your scale) different sets.  Of course, some of them would be barely indistinguishable from each other.  Oh, and we didn't include color choices in that number.

For something more like 67 pieces it becomes a number with a 10^314 after it.  Granted, most of those sets would be chaff but you'd think there could be some unique variety.  And yet, upon purchasing this set, the first thing I thought of was the 31000 Mini Speeder.

As with that set, I could have built in the bag but two reasons kept me from doing so.  First, I was interested in seeing two of the builds.  Second, I am writing this article about an hour before bed time on the night before it's scheduled.  I tried to find time for the boy and I to build it but other events crowded in.

I built the Mario Kart first.  It only uses 33 pieces but is a fabulously cute little build.  The only improvement might me a little skirting on the side.

Fenders probably shoulda waited for a few steps.
As I was building the main model, it occurred to me that each step did not note the pieces that I would need next.  It just expected me to compare the current picture to the previous picture and figure it out myself.  This was in stark contrast to the recent build I did of 31012 Family House.  Those (and many other instructions) showed me both pieces I would need for each step as well as the picture to show where they went.  I could call this an error on the Blue Racer instructions and I might be right.  I found an incorrect image and an unusual discontinuity as well.  It's almost like they outsourced these instructions to Samsonite.

You wanted a plow on the snowplow?  Yeah, that'll be extra.

The coolest part about the main build is the rear hood that lifts up to reveal the engine.  Given that there are a few extra parts (or the fact that this is a LEGO model, doggonit) you could change up the parts under the hood ever so slightly.

This set gets extra points for moving parts and skirting infringement on Nintendo's IP.  It might be fun to use the go-kart model to build like 6 more in varying colors and put, say, Gorilla Suit Guy or Lizard Suit Guy in them.  Or if you want something bigger, you can click through the picture links below:

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 4

I found a few Duplo airplane parts this week.  Then the airplane.  Oh... my... gee oh es aitch this thing is huge.  Biggest single LEGO piece I've ever handled.  At 18.5" from tip to tail it's darn near 60 studs in length.  Okay, so it's really about 7 molded pieces all held together with screws.  I'll have to dissect it and publish my findings.  Wednesday perhaps?

Also a pink lid, some scrungy plates (you're welcome kids), a full minifig and some where are my pants, plus a freaking ugly Bionicle promo from McDonald's.  Anyone want it?  Free even?

Bricklink Seller Review - The Brickshop

It's been a while but I'm buying again.  And of course I should!  Bricks Cascade 2015 is right around the corner.  What better time to build then at the last minute!  This year I have upped my participation factor by volunteering as the Micro scale theme coordinator.  Last year there was one measly trophy.  This year it's going to ROCK!  I'm especially thrilled with having a Modulex category for the first time.  It would have been more exciting had LEGO Juris not bought out and shut down the up and coming re-release of the Modulex Bricks.  Regardless, the category stands and the trophy will obviously be made out of Modulex pieces.  Naturally, I had to find a seller with a large selection of the tiny brick.

Seller: The Brickshop
Feedback (at time of writing): 1639
Feedback Ratio: 99.7% positive (decent to be sure)
Location: Netherlands
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 430 items, 75 lots
Condition: 82% Used
Shipping Charge: Well stated in store terms
Extra Fees: Charges for Paypal
Other: Min buy 10EUR
Final Cost per Part: $0.14

Order Date: Jan 8
Invoice Date: Jan 9
Payment Date: Jan 9
Shipping Date: Jan 10
Delivery Date: Jan 16

Order Details
Why this store: Wide enough selection of Modulex
Packaging: Lots smartly combined into smaller baggies, packed into a larger baggie, taped to a cardboard backer, and shipped in a Tyvek mailer
Part condition: Very nice
Communication: Very friendly and prompt
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: One tiny missing part, one extra part, a wash.

The Brickshop is an amazing resource for all sorts of little bits and bobs.  I scored Scala flower plates, odd colors, Clikits, Modulex, old 1x technic plates and all sorts of clever little pieces.  The proprietor is very communicative and the shipping and prices are reasonable.