LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 33

A simple week and a little late this week. A 2x8 DUPLO brick. Always nice to have longer pieces. Plus a space marine helmet from the CMF line. I love the grip on the front of the face mask so the fig can hold his helmet. Classy.

LEGO Techniques - Stud Height

At the end of the Reverse Engineering Challenge 4 I posted a picture on Flickr with a rather impassioned description. There had been some discussion as to what the height of studs are and whether or not they cause conflict in builds. The myth traveling around is that stud height is half of a plate, or, 1.6mm. As my picture shows, this is incorrect.

But there are times when it seems like the only explanation for stud height is that it MUST be 1.6mm.

Take for example the above picture. This little tablescrap attempts to show stud conflict. Notable is the top of the 1x2 technic brick with axle hole against the 1x2 technic brick with 2 pin holes. You would look at this and immediately think, "Duh, you just disproved your point. Studs are half a plate high, done."

Au contraire, my AFOL. Remember how I discussed the true dimensions of a LEGO brick? You would think at first blush that the white brick is 16mm across right? But it's not, it's 15.8mm. The height of the stud from the yellow brick would be the half plate difference from the white to black brick PLUS the tolerance factor of the white brick; 1.6mm + 0.1mm = 1.7mm. Some say the stud is 1.8mm but this shows it to be impossible. As for the logo? Negligible.

Set Review - Pop Star Red Carpet 30205

Often, if you want retina piercing colors, you'll get a Friends set (or Cloud Cuckoo Palace). For the month of August, you can change that up a bit. Through August 31, TLG is offering the above mentioned polybag with $35 worth of mini-doll sets. That's Friends, Elves, and Disney Princess (presumably not DUPLO but who knows).

Why is this set different? For one, the LACK of colors. Usually these smaller Friends sets are a nauseating palate of limes, azures and several shades of pinkish purplish.  I estimate about 100 studs worth of neutral colors and only 43 of Pantone technicolor. That's WAY different indeed!

The set has a few fun touches like the enhanced video camera and the um.. uh.. enhanced video camera. Other than that it's very routine stacking and, quite frankly, makes up for the lack of color with its overwhelming ennui. A mini-doll, a stack of plates, and an enhanced camera. This is so- hey look, Galidor!

So droll in fact that I had to try for an alternate build. My alternate builds use all the pieces, even the extras. Inspired by FriendTRON (a mashup by a fellow lugger) I decided to create some sort of hovery spacey craft for the little stage walker. On a related note, this is probably only the second set that I will be dismantling and distributing into my builder's stash, never to see the light of day as an actual set again.