LEGO Techniques - How Purist Are You?

In my years of AFOLing I've seen all levels of purism.  It's not just a single level either.  There are several different aspects to purism.  How do you rate?

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Set Review - Bricktober Pizza Palace 40181

Always a story with TRU.  After inquiring several times at several different TRU stores, I decided I was not going to be able to purchase the week 2 Bricktober promo straight out.  One store told me their remaining stock would be available for purchase on November 1.  Another store told me that they would sell the extras at the end of each week.  I chose store number 2 as my target.

On Sunday morning I went in and asked for a Pizza Palace.  They were willing to comply but had to radio several associates before the last one in the store was finally located.  There were still tons of Theatres though, go figure.  I added another $55.01+ and checked out, receiving the Fire Station as well.  Easy peasy.

My girls and I set about building.  Actually, my 6 year old grabbed the helm, the 8 year old being more interested in pencil art at the moment.  The 6 year old has historically struggled with building, but went through the instructions just fine save for one or two minor areas that were a little unclear.  Good on her!  Two things struck me about this set.  First, at $19.99 MSRP, it only has 139 pieces.  We discussed this last time but it was even more apparent this time.  This should have been a $10 set.  The only comfort came in the 19 extra pieces.  But what really grabbed me on pouring out the contents was the number of flesh colored brick bricks plus a few extra 1x1 bricks.  Very nice.

I would have a lot more problem with the MSRP if the design was crummy.  While they are small, the detail is very well done.  Attention is paid to all faces, even the rear of the building.  The Theater was nice but not as detailed as the Pizza Palace.  The architectural massing is very well done too.  These are not boring square buildings.  They've got offset portions, little touches, and good color grouping.  The green, white, and red awning of the building is carried well throughout the rest of the build.  The windows all have red headers, there are other white details, and the small lawn out front helps carry the green.  For splashes, the yellow flowers and orange sidewalk stools help liven things a little.  What I assume is a waste can is well done in flat silver which matches the ventilation fan on the roof.  Nice part use, by the way.  That little swirl is coming in handy as all sorts of decorative touches.  The cheese grater on the roof is completely unnecessary but is another one of the great touches.

While the lass was building the restaurant, I put the vehicles together.  The pizza delivery van was called out as an ambulance.  I had to remind the girls what the building was.  The other vehicle is a little odd but I'm guessing it is an SUV that belongs to someone with a pizza craving.  Or their minion.

I'm calling that this is some sort of lead-in.  Much like Jek-14's Comic Con starfighter was a lead in to the other Microfighters, I'm hoping that this promo is a subtle announcement for the Mini Modulars II.  I just know that TLG will be producing that set someday.  I just hope it's not as overpriced as these little babies.