LEGO Techniques - Minifig Tools

Missed my Wednesday deadline again, no LEGO Finds or Seller Reviews this week, so this oughta sneak nicely into Thursday.

After playing around with the City Park Garbage Golf Cart from a couple of weeks ago, I found some fascinating dimensional attributes. Working with little more than the minifigs implements I discovered some neat new connections. It's obvious that the handles are bars that can fit into clips (and minifig "claws"). But did you know:

The broom end is perfectly sized to fit inside a 1x2 plate? The actual bristles are the same height as a plate so when you cap it there's still a little bit of bristle showing. It'll fit all the way into a brick.

The shovel end is just wide enough to accept a 1x almost anything? And the sides are just long enough that whatever you fit in has a nice snap and is secure. The actual dimensions of the inside of the shovel are about 7.8mm x 8.2mm. The thickness of the shovel is about 1.6mm, just enough to slide wherever you would expect panel walls to fit.

Spaceship greeblies! Go!

Set Review - Jungle Accessory Set 850967

Tent camping has come a long way since the dawn of the motor age. From "don't touch it!" canvas to space age polymer fabrics, from hunting and campfires to MRE's and watching a campfire on the 50" TV in your Winnebago, it appears to have only gotten more expensive.

LEGO has an interesting foray into textiles. Mostly ship sails, they also create capes and flags. The tent first appeared in 1998 in the Sphinx' Secret Surprise and Extreme Team Challenge. It came around again briefly in 2008 for Indiana Jones. Now it has made another brief cameo via both the Arctic Explorers and Friends lines.

If you're like me, you probably always go camping in a skirt and share your loaf of bread and chicken leg with your dog. Or maybe this is glamping where off screen we could see the cameras and bed-n-breakfast sign. No, this set is a little creepier than that.

First let me rag on the tent a little. This set had an initial sales price of $15 but TLG couldn't seem to sell any. No wonder, there are only 39 pieces and no freaking extras. You would assume a price of $5, right? Not here. Then the price dropped to $9 and I got suckered into buying one for this review. Shortly thereafter, the price has been stuck at $7.48. Still too high. Even at 10c per part, We're talking $3.70 for that piece of cloth.

Really? Better yet, my 6 year old asked why it looked like vomit. True story. Here's a challenge: find all 13 of the studs in the LEGOflage.

Here's where it gets creepy though. The instructions appear to be incorrect. When you build the set correctly, You'll see that Naya is wearing a black hat to protect her from the Blair Witch. Meanwhile, her cornstalk friend is conducting surveillance to locate and kill that cameraman once and for all. The dog appears to be guarding the food but it's really a trap. Don't go near that mutt. The tent is pretty empty, but that's only because they just removed the bodies.

Gave me the shudders.

LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 12

LEGO Finds are back to Thursdays! This week was a couple of Bright Light Orange (AKA BLO) Duplo blocks. It's a rather mezmerizing color.

Also found a Ninjago Spinner Arena. Somebody had a $9 price tag on it. Must be wishful thinking. It's in used but nice shape. BL sellers have them for a third that price... and none have sold in the last 6 months. Good call giving up, mystery seller.