LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 47

Due to a change in schedules, LEGO Finds will now occupy Friday for a while.  At least until I start making some online orders again.  This week I found nothing in the usual haunts but during her walk Mrs. DagsBricks found this by the side of the road.  Seems about right.

Set Review - Batwing 30301

Again with the Toys'R'Ours.  This one came out of the blue.  I found a 3 day only 15% off coupon, plus they were offering the Batwing polybag free on in-store purchases of $30 or more.  I've got a target set right now that I'm trying to amass so this seemed like a good opportunity.  I walked up to the register with $100 worth of LEGO in my hand.  She rung it up and told me that I qualified for the free Batman polybag.  "Well, alright, I'll take it!"  Next I presented my 15% off coupon.  Price came down to $85.  Finally I presented a $5 Rewards'R'less-than-the-other-guys and ended up knocking my purchase down to $80.  For $105 worth of MSRP stuff.  Not bad.

I had been lusting after the mini Batwing for a while.  Of course, the same was true of the Batmobile and Tumbler, but those are other stories.  I could never figure out where the Batwing was going to land.  There'd be web rumors here and there.  Target was a bust.  Finally I saw it as a TRU promo and had to act (despite my feelings on the retail chain).

And I must say, I'm impressed.  The cockpit reminds me exactly of the Jedi Interceptor.  The shape of the bat-symbol is well done, despite the angles.  I'm going to give it a pass since curves are not an easy task for TLG's designers.  The attempt was fairly well made.  What's really missing though is not as forgivable.  Much like a fighter jet, the Batwing should have a vertical tail (double in fact) rising behind the cockpit.  Two more stabilizers should be underneath.  A fender piece is used to start to simulate some of this idea, but it's really not adequate.

The major test though is whether or not this looks right in the spotlight.  As we all know, Batman ends his movies by flying off into the sunset (or the moonlight).  Just before the screen goes black, he pulls hard on the stick and heads straight up, silhouetting his craft against the heavenly body.  The bat-symbol is then burned into our retinae as the theater lights come back on.  Everywhere we look for the next several days, the bat-symbol appears.

Now that's marketing!

LEGO Techniques - Double Jointed

Last week I found a few Bionicle parts.  I'm not normally one to play around with constraction action.  But as I was looking at pieces, something got me curious.  The ball, when placed in a socket, looked like there was still a bit of spherical space left.  Granted, there's usually an axle type bit in the way but there's still some room.  Could it, would it, let it be?

Now, I'm not big in the Bionicle community and I don't know any of those types of techniques but I'd like to think that this is original.  After playing around a little more I made this sort of baby plant dragon.  There are three such connections in this little beastie (hips, back, jaw).