LEGO Finds - 2015 Week 31

A nice assortment of DUPLO plus a seriously outsized Magenta System cone. There are at least 5 different DUPLO sets represented here. Can you name them?

Set Review - Space Utility Vehicle 30315

SPAAACE!!! I know how all you space heads get. All that sci-fi stuff really rocks your boat but it's a completely different breed that gets in to the true current space stuff. Y'know, boring things like NASA and Hayabusa. TLG understands this crowd too and has brought back the City Space (Not to be confused with Space City) for another round.

The last go around was pretty cool. We had a more advanced Shuttle Adventure/Expedition to augment the series. This time they've given us four small sets to kick it off (5 with the promo poly). I'm hoping we get an ISS to spice (space?) things up a bit.

I'm a little late with my SUV review, the promo period being over and all. I ordered late in July and then missed last week's deadline. At first I was excited about the set then some real life work opportunities set in and I got distracted. That'll happen.

But now that I built the thing, I'm a little disappointed. Yes, overall it's a cute little vehicle but there are some inherent issues. First, if this is to be any sort of off-roader for lunar environments, the ground clearance sucks. The new wheelbase 18892 is poorly chosen unless this is tricked out to be a lowrider. One moon pebble and this poor guy will be high-centered.


Second, there are two cool pieces of equipment that adorn the vehicle. One is a radar dish which I'm guessing is used to pick up the scurrying noises of subterranean lunar life forms. The second is some sort of scanner which grabs their heat signature so our intrepid spaceman knows which setting to apply his fry-gun on. But unless our spaceman loses some height (or girth) there's the constant threat of being whacked in the head. I can mitigate the radar dish by not letting the bar be completely submerged on either end.

The last disappointment is the instructions. Here was the perfect opportunity to advertise the rest of the Space Port theme and yet it's adorned with... Swamp Police. Really?

Blast off with some new sets (click to see on Shop@Home):

Bricklink Seller Review - Quarky Bricks LLC

What's your favorite flavor, strange or charm? Does your strange go up or your charm go down? That might make your quarks quirky. I don't necessarily like the fact that the color of quarky bricks can be arbitrary. Although it would make for a dynamic build, especially with a color like anti-green. There's some beauty in that truth.

Seller: Quarky Bricks LLC
Feedback (at time of writing): 203
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: USA, Virginia
Prices: Below average

My Order
Order Size: 729 items, 11 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: Exact counter rate postage
Extra Fees: $1.50 for orders under $10. $2.50 extra for international orders under $10.
Other: 6% sales tax charged to fellow Virginians
Final Cost per Part: $0.03

Order Date: Jul 15
Invoice Date: Jul 15
Payment Date: Jul 15
Shipping Date: Jul 15
Delivery Date: Jul 18

Order Details
Why this store: Made a sale announcement in the forum and had enough 3L Technic pins at a penny to make an order worthwhile.
Packaging: All lots in their own baggies
Part condition: Perfect
Communication: Quick
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None

Invoicing happened in less than 30 minutes. That tells me that the seller is like me, has learned to accurately estimate based on the weights of his packing materials. While he does have his store scale turned off, he was quick to reply when I asked what my total order weight was. He told me about 10.3oz. But like other sellers, he charges retail rates and then makes profit from the postage by purchasing it online. Still not pleased with that practice. Might as well add a 50c packing charge and be more upfront about it.  When I received it it came in at 9.5oz. At least the label said 11oz and I wasn't taken for another 20-ish cents. Maybe the ol' estimator is off a bit. All in all a good store with some room for better shipping efficiency.