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Seller Review - LEGO Shop At Home Pick a Brick

Okay not Bricklink but maybe a comparison with the Bricklink process would be kind of fun.  Could you imagine if TLG sold on Bricklink?  I guess if they became a vendor on Bricklink that they would only do it with a no competition clause.  So Bricklink would cease to be.  Maybe not such a good idea.  So far all of my reviews have been great to passable.  How does The LEGO Company's online Pick a Brick stack up?

Seller: The LEGO Company
Feedback (at time of writing): n/a
Feedback Ratio: n/a
Location: Strykow, Poland
Prices: Generally higher than Bricklink's 6 month average though there are some anomalies

My Order
Order Size: 10 lots, 640 pieces
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: None for orders over $75 (limited recurring offer)
Extra Fees:
Final Cost per Part: $0.15

Order Date: Apr 10
Invoice Date: Apr 10
Payment Date: Apr 10
Shipping Date: Apr 11 or Apr 18 based on postage label vs. when charge was made to my card.
Delivery Date: Apr 22

Order Details
Why this store: There wasn't much to crack open my wallet even with the free shipping offer.  I threw a few things in the cart and then remembered PaB could top it off.  So I took a looky and started comparing prices between PaB and Bricklink.  In many cases the prices on S@H were a few pennies higher but I was essentially unlimited in the quantity I could buy.  On BL many sellers only had a handful of particular parts.  By the time all was said and done I had spent $99 on parts and I probably could have gone higher.
Packaging: Every last part dumped into the same baggie.  One large lot had it's own baggie.  Both baggies were then packed loose in a small but sturdy box.  *rattle* *rattle*
Part condition: Brand spanking new
Communication: None
Feedback left: n/a
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: Every lot was on average about 3% over on the count.  This tells me they must be using a counting scale rather than a physical count.
Issue Communication?:
Issue Resolution?:

Even though the parts are factory fresh there is a huge time frame for delivery.  Many of the parts run a few pennies to whole silver pieces above Bricklink's 6 month average.  There are a handful of parts that are much cheaper but they are few and far between.  Since I found one huge disparity I was able to save $79 over buying the same order via Bricklink based on 6 month average prices.  This would assume the same seller would have shipped the 18 oz order for free (vs ~$6 for priority shipping).  From time to time compare prices between S@H and BL.  It might end up being a good deal especially during free shipping.  Otherwise you're probably better off with Bricklink.  It also helps to know your colors.  Bricklink uses a somewhat different system then TLG and confusion can ensue.  Such as what Medium Stone Grey is and why I bought 80 pieces of them in the wrong color. :-/

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