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Dag's Bricks

Follow my journey as a LEGO artist through NFTs and win IRL prizes

The Journey

Follow the Journey

It all started with an idea, which grew to a build that became a magnum opus which sparked an entirely new chapter. Follow the journey and development of my LEGO art from simple ideas to amazing builds and future immersion in the NFT world!

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Function over Form

You can't have both. But with 90% form there is 100% function. These 4x builds of LEGO pieces are completely functional and buildable with each other. Build a mega build!


1:1000 scale

An idea for efficiency of economics and space to build resulted in the idea of building micro replications. Then it grew. And grew. And grew....

Red Carpet crop_edited.jpg

Bricks imitating Life

I believe LEGO art can not only be beautiful but functional as well. A Pinball Machine, an End Table and... a dress!? You must be out of your mind!


Locally Recognized

A theater, a business, a sports team, and a church. What do they have in common? All have benefitted from Dag's expert building skills.

My LEGO journey has had some pretty amazing chapters. Displaying my custom builds and winning awards is great. But I also love making new LEGO friends and exploring the hobby together. Let's Build!

The NFT Experience

What are you getting yourself into!? No, it's fun really and I swear it's not addictive. OK, I lied, it is. Open packs, collect pieces, start building and you could have a chance to win an IRL LEGO set designed by me personally! Check the whitepaper for deets.

Just what are NFTs anyway? Remember collecting baseball cards? It's kind of like that. Except in this case everything is digital so your cards can't get mixed up, lost, dog-eared or dog-chewed. What prevents someone from just making a copy? Image theft on the internet is rampant. Well, this is different. NFTs are built on the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. When accessed through a blockchain portal such as Atomichub or Neftyblocks, the cards and images all are given unique data and can be tracked. With this data you will always know which are authentic NFTs and which are fakes (and which are yours!). And, you may even find yourself with a #1 mint card!

To get started, join the Discord for the latest announcements. You can also check on NeftyBlocks for the latest drops. Buy packs, build and win!

Season 2 is open!

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