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Set Review - 75007 Republic Assault Ship and Coruscant

As I mentioned with the Jedi Starfighter and Kamino, not everything in the second trilogy (meaning I, II, and II) has stuck in my head like the classic trilogy.  I do remember Coruscant, the planet that is one big city.  As a map fanatic I always wondered how big the planet actually was and how many streets there are and what their names are.  Is it all urban or are there any rural bits?

The ship however is completely unmemorable to me.  When I first saw this set online I thought maybe it was an early Star Destroyer.  A quick search on Wookieepedia shows that that is a correct assumption.  While not much into the earlier timeline films, I am interested in the developments of characters and ships, etc.  (BTW, it took me a while to figure out that the clone armies were the predecessor to Storm Troopers.)  While the basic shape of the ship and tail looks like images of the real deal, it still doesn't even strike a spitting image with me.

With the exception of some white 1x2 with closed handles, this set is not much more than a light and dark bley parts pack.  On the plus side, LEGO now considers the lightsaber handle to be an extra part so we get one of those in addition to the 1x1 plates and cheese slopes.  These are handy for some tricks as I wrote in this post.

This was a quick build by myself without any help from my KFOLs.  It's always mildly amusing to snap parts together according to instructions but I didn't get much else out of the build.  I do love me some mini ships so this was fun to look at.  It also seems rather big compared to some of the other planet series ships.  Of course that makes sense since it's a star destroyer, right?

If you like the Planet Series, find a deal and pick this up.  If you're into the clone wars and eps I, II, and III pick it up.  Otherwise save your bucks for something else.

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