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LEGO Techniques - Failure Ad-Visory

While playing around with one of the helmet visors that comes as extras in a set, I had a brainstorm.  Whenever I get extra pieces I do my best to incorporate them into the build in some manner.  Some, like the Friend's bows and accessories are next to but not completely impossible.  Others like 1x1 round plates and cheese are no-brainers.  That is, unless the model is lacking any outward studs.  But some are just complete doozies no matter how you look at it, such as the visor.

I've usually ended up just tossing the visor back into the baggie and storing it away.  But this time something inside me clicked and I gave it a whirl.  With a touch of pressure, voila!  The visor fits very nicely inside a 2x2 round brick.  I had originally though that you could use it similar to the cheese slope method with a plate and a brick.  It turns out that the visor is too springy and not meaty enough to consistently grab both pieces unless they are at just the right angle and pitch and- shoot, there it just popped out again.  I took the advice of my grandma: "When life gives you visors, make visorade."

So the lesson was learned.  That is, the visor is a little over 13mm across and is flexible.  The inside of a 2x plate is 16mm - 1.6mm x 2 (nominal plate width minus twice the nominal side wall thickness) equals 12.8mm.  It stays in there due to slight pressure.  As I was fiddling around with it I was suddenly reminded of one of my favorite keychains, the Star Wars Landspeeder.

The only major problem I had with this was the boxy windshield.  This was released in 2008 well after the 7110 Landspeeder came out but still a couple of years before the 8092 Landspeeder which had the curved windscreen.  So I suppose the aesthetic has some precedent.

With all that in mind I decided it was time to update my Landspeeder Keychain.  I'll still keep the old one of course but the new one should vaguely copy the later full size set.  I looked directly at the source materials for color.  Star Wars source material as well as the LEGO sets.  The design is essentially the same with a few color substitutions and one major part substitution.  Sorry cheese wedges, you're no longer welcome around here.

Oh, and the whole thing is necessarily built upside down.

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