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LEGO Contest Results - Winner!

And it's over! I durn near forgot about this contest, being a Monday after a geekend and all.

Everybody had the part number right. I was looking for the 5 digit mold number, not the 7 digit element ID but either works. Only one person guessed that it could have been something other than black. Not that it matters since I wasn't judging color but good on ya! I was hoping someone might have been tripped up by part 85940 but maybe that's too obscure to fool anyone.

But it didn't matter. The spread of guesses was from 1,000 to 52,000; two people got nice and close. Congrats to Brett Johnston for guessing within 132 of the ordered amount! There were 8400 pieces in total and Brett guessed 8268. Runner up congrats go to Kurt Altschul with 8929, a mere 529 off.

I got in touch with Brett to get his prizes off to him. He told me he used the whole pi*r^2*L scheme to approximate. I'd say it paid off. Math, kids! Thanks to the rest of you for playing and stay tuned for what this huge bag o' liftarms is going to become! (It WILL be bigger than a breadbox...)

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