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Dag Bricks

Dag Bricks are brick built LEGO elements built 4x larger. These are not just sculpture or an exercise in mimicry. These are also built to stack on top of each other and create even larger creations. The easiest elements to build are 1x plates and 1x bricks. But most bricks and plates can be built. Some specialty elements have been built as well. Pieces that I thought would be easy to build turned out to be impossible and ones I thought would be difficult turned out to be doable.

Now available! Get the Dag Bricks ebook, "Building Large Scale Bricks". This book debuted at the Bricks Cascade 2015 Convention. There are 36 pages of text and pictures, followed by 19 instructions to give you an idea of how to build all sorts of bricks. (Note to mobile device users: you may need to use a third party app that will allow your device to download directly from the internet or you can download to a desktop and then transfer the file to your device.)

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If you want more beyond what is in the book, instructions for 38 are done and ready for sale. Or you can buy ready to build models with instructions and all pieces. These are the smaller more basic pieces with some surprises in there.  Coming soon are larger and more advanced pieces.

What would you do with these?
  • Make a pencil holder or other novelty desk item
  • Use for LEGO themed birthday party decorations and party favors
  • Give away as prizes for younger students in First LEGO league.  Use different colors for different achievements.
  • Mega build an official set

Some pieces can be built in many colors, some can only be built in a few.  See what's possible with the Dag Brick Colorizer Chart.


1x1 plate

Special Plates:


Special Bricks:


Technic (almost here!):

Doors/Windows (almost here too!):

Misc (yes, there's lots of this coming):

A word about the instructions.  You may be used to LEGO instructions that call for 1 to 3 parts per step and one step per booklet page.  I have more confidence in you than that.  Since many of these builds are straight stacked, instruction steps are per level of pieces.  There could be 8 to 10 parts per step.

Also, feel free to substitute parts when necessary.  Sometimes a 1x8 brick or plate can be replaced by 2-1x4 or 4-1x2 bricks or plates.  This may be needed especially for certain colors.  For instance, I've built trans-clear bricks and plates.  In order to keep the cost down (except for the stud elements!) I've used 1x2 elements elsewhere.  Just make sure you stagger your joints.   I also specify plates no larger than 2x4 or 2x8 as they are common in many colors.  If you have 4x8 or 6x12 plates that can be used instead, all the better.  Just stock up on bricks, plates, and 2x2 round elements (bricks, plates, tiles, and boat studs).  Maybe a handful of headlight bricks and 1x1 bricks with side stud as well.

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