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QR Code

Your business needs a QR Code!  A QR Code is a great way to generate leads via iPhones and other smart pocket devices.  Your code could even lead to a coupon or other content that is only available for those with the ability to read the code.

DagsBricks is pleased to be able to offer a display of your QR Code built out of LEGO pieces!  This is a larger sized model that can be used for display in lobbies or at events, conventions, or other public venues.  This is an opportunity for a unique display that will interest visitors in your services or products.

The smallest QR Codes are 25x25 pixels with a 1 pixel margin.  This translates to 8.5" square.  Larger QR Codes will use more pieces and therefore cost more to create.  It is recommended to use a URL shortening tool such as or in order to reduce the size of your code.  You can even customize a tinyurl link!  Your QR Code will be built out of three overlapping layers of LEGO pieces for stability.  It can easily be built with optional integrated hangers or set onto one of our custom easels.

Gluing is also an option if durability may be an issue.  When gluing, your QR Code will be dry assembled to test for accuracy, then rebuilt with glue.

If you have a customized art QR Code, we can explore creating that as well.  Be aware that LEGO is somewhat limited due to color palette and resolution.  A very finely detailed art QR Code can be functionally represented but may be not perfectly replicated.

Pricing for basic 25x25 black and white codes is very reasonable.  Larger codes, specialty colors, and permanently glued displays may increase the price.  We'll start with a digital concept for your approval.  After that expect 2-3 weeks in order to source needed parts and triple check the QR Code's readability.  We'll keep you updated on the progress so that you can approve of any liberties that may need to be taken.

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